Nicki Minaj Tweets on Happy Hippos NFT Pre-Sale

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Nicki Minaj Tweets on Happy Hippos NFT Pre-Sale
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When every Happy Hippo is sold, there will be One Special Happy Hippo giveaway to a single wallet and 0.8888 Ethereum will go to another lucky holder.

The NFT trend is gaining momentum in the crypto industry. Moreover, NFTs can be bought with digital assets like Ether (ETH), which is easy to convert as USD on the crypto exchange KuCoin and many other trading platforms. The Happy Hippos were successfully released at a pre-sale event on November 8, 2021. These Happy Hippos are generated through Artificial intelligence (AI) on the powerful Ethereum blockchain.

Now Happy Hippos are waiting for their owners that will be rewarded them after the adoption. Nicki Minaj, a Queen of rap, made a recent tweet about the Happy Hippos NFT Pre-sale.

As Twitter and Discord are the outlet points for any information, and in light of the pre-sale privileges, this is going to be a competition to start 48 hours prior to the public sale. Recipients of the privileges will certainly be the attentive lot.

There is also going to be a mid-drop celebration once the sales hit 25%. At that point, up to 25 Happy Hippos will be distributed to random wallets alongside 0.08888 Ethereum sent to five Happy Hippo holders at random.

At the 50% sales mark, 50 additional Happy Hippos will again be offered at random alongside 0.08888 ETH to 10 other Hippo holders randomly. The same will be done at the 75% mark. Once every Happy Hippo has been sold (100% mark), there will be One Special Happy Hippo giveaway to a single wallet and 0.8888 Ethereum to another single lucky holder.

Milestone (% Sold)Reward 1Reward 2
25%25 Happy Hippos to random wallets0.08888 ETH to 5 random holders.
50%50 Happy Hippos to random wallets0.08888 ETH to 10 random holders
75%75 Happy Hippos to random wallets0.08888 ETH to 10 random holders.
100%1 Special Happy Hippos to 1 random wallet0.8888 Ethereum to 1 lucky holder.

The Infinity8.io platform is also planning to develop a One Million Dollar Creator Fund in appreciation for the amazing work done by developers. The funds will be drawn from royalties and mint sales and will be channeled towards supporting developers and the projects they work on for the good of their entire community.

Ultimately, there will be an Official Happy Hippos Safari Experience in Africa. This opportunity will be up for grabs, to be won by one Happy Hippo Holder in a competition.

Closing the year in style, Infinity8.io is also set to debut with a brief Cartoon & Coloring Book to be given to individual Happy Hippos Holders. The gifts are not for the adult holders, but for their children in the festive season of Christmas. There is also going to be other merchandise to be given out, including Happy Hippos shirts, hats, stickers, and hoodies, among others, and only the watchful will get these giveaways.

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