NinjaPromo To Guide Your ICO Project From Beginning To End

October 31st, 2018 at 9:31 pm UTC · 4 min read

2018 is the year when blockchain industry has become an everyday news, standing on the same level as politics, traditional economics and Hollywood movies – everyone knows at least something in general but only a number of true enthusiasts and intellectuals are debating on deep issues of the field and launching their own projects, truly evaluating risks and taking into account all details in the process.

NinjaPromo ICO digital marketing agency has many tricks up its sleeves to help your amazing idea turn into flesh and reach success.

ICO Projects In Caring Hands

NinjaPromo’s journey began in May 2017, and since then its team has been getting practical experience, testing various decisions and strategies to figure out the best practices. It’s a never-ending process of learning and adapting, and proper basis of data gathered during years of work is vital for any prominent analysis, any significant prediction and any proper strategy implementation.

Create. Promote. Support. These are three types of services NinjaPromo offers in the efforts to get your project to the top of everyone’s heads. 80% of our clients that include Unibright, Lucyd and Maecenas, have decided to use our services again. We can help you with design and branding, holding bounties and airdrops, resolving ICO legal issues, placing your project on exchange listings, developing Telegram chat-bots and supporting your project from technical standpoint.

Digital Marketing: What’s On The Menu

Digital promotion, however, is our specialty. NinjaPromo has the tools and professionals to surround your project during ICO and post-ICO stages with attention from intrigued audience that is motivated to invest in you. To achieve your goals, we provide services of:

  • Community Management – strong community is key factor in making ICO successful, and our community managers ensure that your constantly expanding following stays active at all times.
  • Hype In Crypto – we reach new audience through hyping your project up in most prominent communities in various social media platforms, from Facebook and Telegram to BitcoinTalk and Reddit.
  •  Influencer Marketing – it’s been proven that, in choosing where to put their money, people are more trustful of the influencers they follow and watch online, so we harness the potential of almost 2000 independent content creators and advertise you through their platforms, dealing with tricky choices and issues of this type of promotion for you.
  •  PPC Marketing – we run your marketing campaign through Google AdWords (including YouTube), Facebook and banner advertising, supplying your project with fresh traffic.
  • Content Marketing – today people are peaky, they trust standard advertising texts less and they are more inclined to join something that is presented through original content, and NinjaPromo can write your press releases, articles, etc. and translate them in several languages so that they could be published all around the world.
  •  Video Production – video content is the most effective way to sway people your way, and team of NinjaPromo is very good at creating brief and catchy video introductions and clips for crypto projects in order to deliver all the required information about you in an entertaining and informative fashion.

Chefs and Cooks of Our Team

Team of NinjaPromo, that includes multilingual editors and community managers, writers, designers and developers, takes their work seriously with a spoon of fun and enthusiasm to keep your project and marketing campaigns fresh and engaging. We approach each project individually, studying it carefully, taking into account its peculiarities and budgets, so that we can come up with the most effective strategies for your project.

We work with your own team to achieve the best results in the shortest time and we strike the balance between your vision, best practices proven by experience, new trends that catch the minds of your shaped audience and promising innovations that are most appropriate for your project.

Your ICO project deserves the spotlight, and if you want it to become the center of attention – e-mail our NinjaPromo team to [email protected] or simply contact us on Telegram @slava_ninja.



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