Noft Games Will Feature an In-Game Currency 

September 16th, 2022 at 9:24 am UTC · 3 min read

Noft Games Will Feature an In-Game Currency 
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Noft Games, a Web3 auto-battler game, revealed their browser game will debut in-game cash named Astron (ASTR). This space-themed P2E game has existed since May 2021, and it is only accelerating its development pace as the team consistently rolls out new features and updates.

The currency’s astronomic name comes from the lore behind the game. According to the Noft Games narrative, Astron is composed of a star core. That characteristic makes the item highly valuable for in-game characters named Nofts, and now for players as well.

Players can accumulate the currency through habitual in-game activities: battling, lending their NFTs to other players, and daily login attempts. Users may save up enough Astron to buy items or customize their Lobby. It will also be possible to get additional battle passes in exchange for Astron coins and borrow Nofts from other players, paying some ASTR.

Astron coin release upgrades the game’s reward system making it a trial economy. Users can earn three classes of items as they play the game: BNB, EXP points, and Astrons. While Astron is utilized to get game extras, EXP points are spent to upgrade the Noft abilities to give them an edge in battles.

So far, the Astron coin is not tied to real money and is not exchangeable for other cryptocurrencies. It performs the function of a traditional soft in-game currency, rewarded for gameplay and used to purchase consumables. However, the development team has plans to make it more of a hard currency that can be bought with crypto.

As the project’s native token is nearing release, Astron will get additional features. Details are not revealed yet, while the community expects players will be able to monetize their in-game cash by exchanging it for Noft Games tokens and other currencies. The token launch happening soon this fall can also make it possible to buy additional Astron with crypto. In light of this, players are welcome to amass in-game cash Astron prior to the Noft Games cryptocurrency launch.

About Noft Games

Noft Games is a BSC-based dApp incorporating play-to-earn and free-to-play opportunities. Players can monetize their gaming experience by sending their playable NFTs, Nofts, to battles and earning crypto. Noft Games has recently released the in-game Marketplace, where users can buy or sell their NFTs. The team is currently adding more gaming modes to the game and working on a mobile version of the app.

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