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Norton Crypto Unveiled by NortonLifeLock to Help 13M Users Mine Ethereum

UTC by Patrick Kariuki · 3 min read
Norton Crypto Unveiled by NortonLifeLock to Help 13M Users Mine Ethereum
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The NortonLifeLock management said that with the introduction of Norton Crypto, the company hopes to empower miners and make their quest for efficient mining more successful.

Typically, Bitcoin and other digital currencies are mined by companies that have invested in large server farms, meaning that the venture is very expensive and not for any Dick and Harry. However, one company plans to make mining affordable and bring it to your doorsteps with a new tool. NortonLifeLock, a cybersecurity company, has launched the Norton Crypto. The new tool will enable consumers to mine crypto via Norton 360. Beginning June 3 (today) 360 users will get invites to participate in the adopter program for Ethereum mining. Additionally, Norton is set to open the mining service to its 13 million customers. In an interview with CNN Business, the company’s representatives hinted that the company looks forward to supporting the mining of cryptos that give high returns to their members.

Vincent Pilette, a high-ranking NortonLifeLock’s officer is proud that his company is the first cybersecurity firm to offer services that make it easy for miners to leverage on their computer idle time to make digital coins. He further noted that the tool comes with advanced security features that will revolutionize the current mining protocols. One Norton representative noted that in the past, many miners had been forced to drop their guard exposing them to compromise on security. A practical example is where miners had to disable security to be allowed to mine by allowing suspicious codes that could turn out to be malware or skimming agents.

To avert the risks that miners could be exposing themselves to when their security is compromised, Norton has a solution that allows miners to get payments directly into their cloud-based Norton wallets, and the best part is that the wallets can be linked to Coinbase. This solution averts or mitigates the consequences that result from a hard drive malfunction or failure.

About NortonLifeLock and Way Forward for Norton Crypto

NortonLifeLock is a global leader in cybersecurity solutions. The company helps protect and empower people in their quest for digital safety and security. The company boasts to be the customers’ best friend in a highly interdependent and interconnected world. The launching is undoubtedly a solution for cybersecurity, but is it really what people want and are they ready for the same? Besides environmental and tax concerns that have made many miners uncomfortable, the very thought of having preinstalled mining software in new computers sounds unrealistic.

NortonLifeLock director said that with the introduction of this tool, the company hopes to empower miners and make their quest for efficient mining successful. He further said that as cryptos continue to be an integral part of their customers’ lives, they need to empower them with a trusted brand Norton, that will make the mining of Ethereum, the second-largest crypto by market capitalization, easier.

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