Now You Can Participate in Financial Markets…Without Any Risk

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Now You Can Participate in Financial Markets…Without Any Risk
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Blockchain-based startup Sharpe Capital plans to start rewarding users with Ether for their predictions on Blockchain assets and equity markets.

There are many risks associated with taking part in financial markets – especially for novice traders. For many, merely reading about the bad luck of others is enough to renounce the idea completely.

One of the major things that turns new investors away from participating in financial markets is the unavoidable volatility. It’s well known that an asset’s value can change dramatically within a very short period of time with little to no notice.

Some investors enjoy this volatility, as it increases chances to make large returns. However, as much as it can increase the likelihood of portfolio development in case there is massive increase in value, it can also result in massive losses.

This can be even more intimidating for new investors – especially those having little to risk.

No Risk, No Gain?

What if you could participate in financial markets – and be rewarded for your contributions – without any risk? That is exactly what Sharpe Capital, the new blockchain startup, is allowing its users to do. It is one of the first companies to give the crypto community the opportunity to earn Ether, without any risk of loss.

Instead of making bets and taking risks that could result in losing investors’ own hard-earned cash, users will be able to have their say by simply making predictions on blockchain assets and equity markets.

The way it works is simple – users make predictions about financial markets, and receive rewards for their efforts in the form of Ether. After a user makes a prediction, he/she is scored according to the accuracy of it. More accurate predictions receive higher scores. Users with higher scores and higher proportion of SHP tokens will receive more Ether at the end of the month. In other words, the amount of Ether each user receives depends on two things: the number of SHP tokens they hold, and the historical accuracy of their predictions.

SHP will act as proof-of-stake in the Sharpe ecosystem. These tokens can be obtained through the Sharpe Capital crowdsale at a rate of 2,000 SHP tokens per ETH. This is a limited opportunity – after the crowdsale ends in February, there will be no further creation of SHP tokens.

A major advantage of the platform is that there is no risk for users to lose SHP tokens once they have obtained them. No matter how accurate (or inaccurate) your predictions are, your SHP tokens are yours to keep.

The risks of the platform are negligible if there are any.

Earn Ether Every Single Month – Starting Immediately

In the vast majority of ICOs, participants buy tokens speculatively and then have to wait 12-18 months more for the true value of these tokens to be realized.

The team behind the platform is setting a completely new standard for ICOs by allowing its users benefit before the initial token sale even concludes on the 5th February.

Many upcoming blockchain startups have discovered that even a million dollars isn’t enough to get them started. Sharpe Capital are defying all the rules by diving headfirst into launch with virtually nothing. They are one of the first blockchain companies to have ever done such a thing. However, this has done nothing to diminish their confidence that the platform will be a raging success.

The very first product launch will take place in December – before the crowdsale concludes. The first Ether payments will be sent to users on the 13th January.

Once the crowdsale is finished, SHP tokens will be available to trade on a number of major crypto exchanges.

Looking into the Future

Sharpe Capital is out to completely revolutionize the future of financial markets as we know it. Their goal is to create a fully Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that will ultimately stabilize financial markets and integrate cryptocurrencies with the traditional financial world.

As pioneers in their industry, they hope to lay the foundations for something that will ultimately be much bigger in the future, and will live on well into the future of the decentralized world we are heading towards.

Sharpe Capital’s creation – SHP – and their mission towards creating a fully transparent, tokenized economy is surely just the beginning.

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