ODEM.io Wins Over One More Starry Professional as Dr. Michael Zargham Joins the Team

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by Maria Konash · 3 min read

Educational blockchain company ODEM.io announces the hiring of Michael Zargham Ph.D., a top rank specialist in data-driven decision systems, as their Chief Systems Engineer.

Having a good looking website, a clear roadmap with speculatively achievable milestones and a solid whitepaper, are hallmarks for the makings of a bright and prospective future for a blockchain business.

What is easily overlooked in these impressive looking machines is the horsepower of the team under the hood; seeing decades of combined experience in a team is a reassurance, which gives hope to the potential backers of the project, especially when you have true power players in there.

A single individual with extremely specialised skills and talents can boost not only the value of a token overnight, but actually reveal the true potential of a blockchain/crypto ecosystem and platform, enabling it to flourish for years to come.

Recognising Excellence

ODEM.io, is building a blockchain powered interactive platform that is designed to further empower students by giving them the ability to engage with top academics around the world; using blockchain technology and artificial intelligence to streamline the organisation and delivery of academic experiences.

The project’s team have recognised the power of having an extremely qualified staff in their arsenal: the Switzerland based company proudly announced in recent days the hiring of Michael Zargham, Ph.D. as their Chief Systems Engineer.

Richard Maaghul, ODEM.IO Chief Executive Officer, said:

“We’re very excited to welcome Michael to ODEM.IO’s core development team. Dr. Zargham is ideally suited to the role because of his extensive background in crafting architecture for artificial intelligence systems and token economics. ODEM’s system-level design lays the groundwork for blockchain, machine learning and data processing software to dramatically improve the accessibility and efficiency of delivering higher education.”

With more than a decade of experience designing decentralised business processes, Dr Zargham is a specialist in data-driven decision systems, who will be spearheading the system-level design for the blockchain-based economic model of ODEM.io and the ODEM token.

With plans of utilising his Blockscience research team, he’ll lead the project into analysing and validating the ODEM economic system once the ODEM token is launched.

Dr. Zargham founded Blockscience in Oakland, California-based business that provides economic system designs by using complex methodology to achieve the end result. The process requires mathematical engineering techniques which are drawn from decision science and game theory. Dr. Zargham said:

“The goal is to combine the power of blockchain to coordinate multiple parties’ commitments with the ability of AI to discover a set of commitments that maximizes mutual value to create a fair-and-efficient platform for anyone to access in-person education. ODEM.io’s economic model and token system will be based on the Discount Token Framework, a collaborative research effort with Sweetbridge Foundation, Inc.”

The ODEM token will be exchangeable which will ease cross-border payments giving incentive to professors and academics to produce courses that align with the changing needs of their students.

The project is taking inspiration from their partner company Excelorators Inc., a Massachusetts-based business that has more than five years of experience in delivering impeccable short-term education for international students as well as foreign executives  at top U.S Universities and corporate campuses.

ODEM.io is making huge strides towards the all-important real world application of blockchain technologies and are equipping themselves with some of the brightest minds and partners to ensure the vision becomes a reality.

The platform will be launching its public crowdsale on February 17, 2018.

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