OfficialNFT: NFT Marketplace 2.0

July 26th, 2021 at 9:26 am UTC · 3 min read

OfficialNFT: NFT Marketplace 2.0

Though the NFT world is still in the early stages of development, it is currently worth over $90 billion. Very few features and innovations exist within NFT marketplaces, and yet the market is worth that much. The good news is that OfficialNFT® is ready to launch the 2.0 version of the NFT marketplace and optimize the full capability and utility of NFTs.

Current Problems in the NFT Market

Although NFTs are a fantastic creation that provides provable scarcity and authenticity to digital content creators, the journey to mass adoption is fraught with difficulties. Currently, there are two main limitations of the existing NFT marketplace. Firstly, NFT solutions are primarily focused on arts and memorabilia from famous individuals and big entertainment corporations. This situation knocks out other eligible use cases.

Secondly, the available NFT market lacks features that can enable corporate brands to mint NFTs for their physical creations. Creating an NFT for a brand in the current NFT market is challenging, because it focuses on artist releases.

Additionally, the current NFT market lacks a mechanism for incentivizing resells on-chain and doesn’t reward all previous owners with commissions. Because of this, there are many brand imitations, resulting in brands losing massive sums of money.

Key Features of OfficialNFT®

OfficialNFT® is a dynamic NFT ecosystem that enables individuals, artists, brands, and entities to mint and deploy a suite of customized smart contracts in a well-curated marketplace with optimal user experience for both minters and end retail buyers. The platform has the following unique attributes:

  • Differentiated NFT minting
  • Dynamic recurring commission models
  • Vertical solutions to register tangible products to the NFTs
  • Normie UX for minters and retail buyers

How OfficialNFT® Will Solve the Current Problems

The OfficialNFT® marketplace has created a solution that offers NFT minting for both individuals and corporate brands. The current NFT marketplace focuses heavily on the trading of digital art pieces. However, the market has more potential, as it can offer multiple solutions for the corporate world.

OfficialNFT® has features that enable corporate brands to forge NFTs connected to whatever they wish, including their offerings, events, and promotional campaigns.

Corporations are losing enormous sums of money via piracy and imitations. Luckily, OfficialNFT® has features that overcome this challenge by incentivizing all sales to stay on-chain. These new features make it possible to reward all previous owners through an individualized commission structure.

Besides encouraging resellers to stay on-chain, the new features include a certifiable authenticity for resold items. This attribute solves the challenge of brands losing large amounts of money and will cut millions in losses through piracy and imitations. Brands can also benefit from recurring commissions and insightful data, which the current market lacks.

OfficialNFT® aims to be the go-to solution for entities that need to produce smart contracts for a business, game, or any digital project on the blockchain.

The OfficialNFT® Team

The team at OfficialNFT® is comprised of individuals with many years of experience in a variety of industries, including apparel, sportswear, sneakers, bicycles, e-bikes, and influencer marketing. They are professionals who can identify available opportunities in the fashion and music industry and offer valuable solutions. Their internal push into blockchain solutions, decentralization, and differentiated products to their customers brought them to OfficialNFT®.

Fair Launch of $OFCL Token is LIVE

$OFCL is the native utility token of the OfficialNFT® platform. The token facilitates payments within the OfficialNFT® marketplace, allowing users to mint, buy, and sell NFTs and other goods or services. $OFCL Token Pre-Sale is live now and limited to 1,500,000 tokens. Don’t miss out on owning a bit of the future.