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Oi! Network Launches Beta Version of Web3 ‘X to Earn’ Aggregator App, Making Crypto Earnings Accessible to All

March 10th, 2023 at 11:16 am UTC · 3 min read

Oi! Network Launches Beta Version of Web3 ‘X to Earn’ Aggregator App, Making Crypto Earnings Accessible to All
Photo: Oi! Network

Oi! Network has officially launched the beta version of its Web3 “X to Earn” aggregator application. The platform aims to make crypto earnings accessible to everyone while also supporting web3 projects.

Oi! Network holds the belief that the adoption of Web3 will not occur through an immediate abandonment of Web2, but rather through the infiltration of established Web2 experiences and the streamlining of their value chains. As such, an incentive layer/task layer has been developed to enhance the current Web2 social networking service (SNS) experience. This feature converts content promotion/curation needs into paid gigs, allowing users to monetize their existing account value through an X-to-Earn method.

The beta version became available to the public on March 2nd, 2023, and users can sign up for free to begin exploring the platform’s features.

Oi Network Beta Test Features

The Oi! Network beta version offers a range of functionalities, including Social to Earn, Verify to Earn, and other features.

The Social to Earn module allows users to earn $tMOM by completing gigs provided by an advertiser, while the Verify to Earn module examines the gigs to ensure they have been properly performed. Other features available on the platform include creating and promoting social gigs and verifying completed gigs.

Under Social to Earn, users can complete up to 10 social gigs a day to earn XP, which can be converted into $MOM.

Users can also promote their own contents by creating social gigs, setting a reward, and increasing their reach by boosting with $tMOM.

As a Verifier, users can ensure the legitimacy of completed gigs and earn rewards for up to 50 verified gigs. Additionally, users can boost their XP earnings with SBT minting, Staking, and more through Social/Verification Karma.

Moreover, Oi! Network also offers a Crypto Wallet for the safekeeping and transfer of $MOM tokens.

Incentivizing users to participate in the beta testing, Oi! Network is giving away 70 million $MOM.

By offering these huge incentives, Oi! Network team aims to attract more users to join the beta testing and in hopes for Oi! Network to be implemented into the user’s daily routine.

Interested participants can download the platform and sign up with this link.

About Oi! Network

Oi! Network is a mobile-first Web3 gig platform that provides users with crypto earning opportunities through micro-gigs.

The key feature of Oi! Network would be its Social to Earn module, it can be seen as a content distribution crowdsourcing service, that allows Web2 & Web3 content to be promoted as tasks with rewards.

More information about the product can be found on their social media pages: TwitterDiscordTelegramMediumFacebook.

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