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OneHash Captures the Craze of Cricket Starting with a Huge $2,500+ Giveaway Competition on the Cricket World Cup

May 30th, 2019 at 11:05 am UTC · 4 min read

 Cricket is the second most popular sport on the globe, and the one billion fans and 300 million participants worldwide have an enormous potential, which OneHash sees and wants to expand upon, primarily for bettors’ use and convenience. The 2019 Cricket World Cup will be the first part of a freshly-started cricket journey at OneHash.

The Tournament hosted between May 30th and July 14th is one of the biggest sporting events of this year. On the grounds of famous English and Welsh cricketing clubs, ten of the best cricket nations will take a part in the highly anticipated global rivalry. The craze over this sport and tournament will take over the world, together with the world of OneHash.

A Game Worth the Candle

OneHash doesn’t stop on a Cricket World Cup offer. Cricket Craze is a unique competition that gives players the possibility of multiple wins. Bettors will have a chance to participate in one main competition and seven smaller competitions, settled weekly, all during the Cricket World Cup 2019.

For every 0.001 BTC wagered on one fixture of the tournament, the player gets one point. The player who gathers the most points will be the winner. The main prize of the competition is 0.2 BTC, while 0.1 and 0.05 BTC waits for second and third place. In each of the weekly competitions, winners will get a chance to win 0.015 BTC for first place, 0.01 BTC for second place and 0.005 BTC for third place.

Hence, the best and the luckiest players will have an opportunity to win even more than 0.3 BTC in total.

Cricket Religion

One of OneHash’s main goals is to provide fans of all the sports around the globe with the best possible betting experience. Creating a dedicated offer for one of the biggest tournaments during the year perfectly aligns with this strategy. Eric Baker, OneHash’s Brand Manager, stated in a press release:

“For some people in the world cricket is like a religion. That’s why we cannot be indifferent to that kind of phenomenon, especially during the biggest tournament of them all that takes place just every four years. It is a very interesting challenge for us. A survey of the International Cricket Council proved that cricket is the second most popular sport on the planet, losing only to football. We could not miss the opportunity to provide cricket fans with a first class betting experience”.

OneHash has solid experience with this beautiful and noble sport. For some fans, however, this sport is still mysterious. That’s why OneHash aims to bring cricket closer to all fans. Based on a stellar, five-year reputation with already proven methods of entertaining, innovative and fully secured gambling. Eric Baker emphasized:

“Our players bet on smaller cricket events previously, but they did it constantly. This sport has something in it – something unique, bet and time-worthy. Thinking globally, the Cricket World Cup is one of the biggest sporting events of 2019, if not the biggest one. And big times call for big measures. In countries with a serious cricket tradition, love for this sport can be indeed called a craze. From now on, OneHash joins that craze full time”.

For OneHash Cricket Craze is yet another contest directed towards a specific group of sports fans. After “Eleven Mania” created at the 2018 FIFA World Cup and “Become OneHash e-sports MVP” designated for eGaming fans, now the company prepared something special for all the people who sympathize gentleman’s sport.

About OneHash

Founded in 2014, OneHash is a leading and fastest-growing bitcoin mutual betting sportsbook and casino platform. OneHash provides the secure & trustworthy betting service that allows betting on all the biggest sports and eSports events, as well as the curated special events from the cultural and political areas such as Oscars, Grammys, all the major elections and many more.

OneHash it’s the only sportsbook that offers its users mutual betting service – a system in which all bets are placed together in a pool and payoff odds are calculated by sharing the pool among all winning bets.


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