Are Online Casinos a Feasible Investment?

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by Natallia Maksimenko · 3 min read
Are Online Casinos a Feasible Investment?
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Online casinos are becoming a growing trend especially during the coronavirus outbreak. The global industry has changed significantly and according to the experts is going to surpass $90 billion by the end of 2020.

Ever since becoming mainstream, online casinos are a growing trend. Now that people are forced to remain indoors due to the coronavirus crisis and the mandatory self-isolation it brings, the player numbers are through the roof. As a savvy investor, no doubt you’re intrigued by this – who would let such an opportunity slide? So with that in mind, let’s look at whether they deserve your attention and identify the industry’s major driving forces along the way.

The Industry Has Come a Long Way

In the early days, online casinos were associated with terms like “shady”, “unpredictable”, “risky”, etc. But when the internet became as big and widely-accessible as it is today, the industry has expanded, and our society has grown to accept them as a completely legitimate pastime activity.

For instance, there are now countless Baccarat how to play guides and strategies posted around the web, so everyone can learn how to play in an optimal way (as to maximize one’s winnings). Hence, the barrier of entry to several casino games was lowered; not because the games were reduced in complexity, but due to the information being so readily available.

Better Security and Bigger Payouts Equal a Flood of Visitors

One of the main objections of a player who’s about to make a deposit is not knowing whether the online casino in question is, in fact, a reputable one. As a response, the casinos have started displaying licensing certificates from reputable regulatory bodies such as the UK Gambling Commission on their websites. Now, the players are trained to spot these, meaning it’s much easier for a legitimate casino operator to win their trust.

In addition to that, cyber security is on a whole new level compared to the old days. Any sensitive information that gets entered (such as credit card numbers) is protected with a layer of encryption and kept away from the prying eyes of those who have no business looking at it. Now if we combine all of this with lucrative bonuses, high payouts, and an overall tendency of a satisfied player to keep coming back for more, we have a recipe for a successful business model that’s worth investing in.

The Factors to Look for

As with any investment decision, extensive research will be needed on your part before jumping the gun. The Stock Exchange is full of investment opportunities, so unless you’re familiar with the industry and its subtle nuances, it’s best to stick with big brand names such as The Stars Group, William Hill and similar. Then, you should identify any established land-based casinos that are moving their business online; these will form your second row of potential investments.

There’s No Need to be a Gambler Yourself to Invest

As long as you’re familiar with the basics of how online casinos work, it’s enough to gather the courage to go forward with the decision (there’s no need to be a professional gambler). Since the experts believe the global online casino market will surpass $90 billion by the end of 2020, now is the time to seize your slice of the pie.


All in all, online casinos are doing well in the stock market and the future looks even brighter. Will you let your fear take control of the steering wheel or would you rather rely on concrete numbers to do the talking? The call is yours to make.

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