Online Wallet Provider iPayYou Enables Bitcoin Payment for Amazon

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Online Wallet Provider iPayYou Enables Bitcoin Payment for Amazon
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A new payment service called Amazon Direct allows Amazon users to pay for purchases in bitcoin.

A new cryptocurrency era starts for Amazon. The giant Internet-based retailer offers its customers a new effective way to pay in bitcoin called Amazon Direct.

Amazon Direct was developed by, a Seattle-based company making Bitcoin a useful currency for the masses. A reliable and seamless wallet of iPayYou allows users to buy, sell, send, and receive bitcoin. It is interesting that its CEO is Gene Kavner, a former worldwide director at Amazon.

“Amazon Direct is the best way to spend bitcoin: after determining what you want on Amazon, you can ‘automagically’ transfer bitcoin from iPayYou to Amazon. Amazon Direct is revolutionizing the way consumers are able to spend their bitcoin by granting them access to buy more than 100 million products at the world’s largest store,” said Gene Kavner. made it possible for Amazon users to seamlessly transfer any dollar amount of bitcoin from existing bitcoin wallet on iPayYou to Amazon. Users can determine any amount of bitcoin they want to transfer on a new Amazon Direct tab.

Amazon Direct is very simple in operation – users only need to specify the destination account at Afterwards, they will be able to exchange funds from Bitcoin on iPayYou to USD on Amazon in seconds.

“During my time as an executive at Amazon, we closely studied the friction points and obstacles faced by shoppers, including and especially with payments. Bitcoin is a solution to so many of those problems,” added Kavner. “That’s why today – in time for the holiday season –we’re launching the most direct way to spend bitcoin anywhere, starting with the world’s largest retailer.”

Amazon Direct follows one more interesting feature provided by iPayYou – gift card integration. It enabled people to buy gift cards with bitcoin from some of the most prominent retailers including Starbucks, Amazon, Best Buy and iTunes.

Besides, iPayYou offers its users to cancel transactions and send payments via email and Twitter while the recipient does not even need to have a pre-created account or bitcoin wallet of any kind.

As for the future plans, iPayYou is working to launch ‘Lock Your Price’ feature soon to allow users locking the USD price so that their recipients see the amount intended to pay them.

“We want bitcoin to be the everyday default currency. The only way for that to become a reality is to provide consumers with practical ways to spend their bitcoin — that is our grand mission, something the team at iPayYou is working tirelessly to achieve,” commented Kavner.

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