OnlyOrigin Partners with Zombie Planet for New NFT Collection

October 21st, 2022 at 4:09 pm UTC · 3 min read

Blockchain-based virtual reality team Zombie Planet is about to release its first limited-edition NFT project with 5,000 NFTs for sale on the marketplace on October 30, 2022. This NFT project is also a curated and verified NFT project jointly launched by OnlyOrigin and Zombie Planet.

OnlyOrigin Partners with Zombie Planet for New NFT Collection

According to Zombie Planet, this NFT project is called CZclub, and this collection contains 5,000 unique NFTs. and this collection contains 10,000 unique NFTs. After purchasing “Crazy Zombies’s Pass” and “Crazy Zombie’s Brain” on OnlyOrigin, users can get 1/1 of the limited amount of zombie character NFT.

It should be noted that Zombie Planet said earlier that they plan to release 10 super rare NFT characters – CZCLUB SSR. These 10 super rare NFT characters will serve as the protagonists in the whole story, and users who obtain these 10 NFT characters at the same time will receive various rewards in the subsequent full launch.

OnlyOrigin Partners with Zombie Planet for New NFT Collection

Zombie Planet further revealed that these characters will be available in a very interesting way in the OnlyOrigin Marketplace. “Crazy Zombie’s Brain” as the activator of the NFT pass has an irreplaceable role, and a more complete “Crazy Zombie’s Brain” can unlock more rare zombie character NFTs.

Music Zombie Club (MZCLUB)

The Crazy Zombie Club has 10,000 representative members of the Crazy Zombie Club, who create the unique entertainment life of zombies and enjoy it here. At the same time, they found that their “Crazy Zombie’s Brain” can help zombies to restore memory and gain more wisdom, so they established this crazy zombie club and moved forward together for the revival of zombie civilization.

Crazy Zombies’ Pass

The Crazy Zombie Pass is your proof of membership in the Crazy Zombie Club, holding the pass will allow you to purchase the Crazy Zombie Club’s exclusive artwork and collectibles and give you a positive voice in shaping the Crazy Zombie Club’s future direction.

Crazy Zombie’s Brain

“Crazy Zombie’s Brain” restores sanity and wisdom to the zombies in your pass when you hold the “Crazy Zombie Pass”. A more complete brain can make your zombie gain a more mysterious IQ, he can also do more things, and create more magical things for the zombie world. Each zombie can only be implanted in one brain, and the brain will be destroyed after use.

OnlyOrigin Partners with Zombie Planet for New NFT Collection

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