Open Sesame: Anon Robin to Launch Platform Built to Provide Exclusive Information on Crypto & NFTs

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Open Sesame: Anon Robin to Launch Platform Built to Provide Exclusive Information on Crypto & NFTs
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Anon Robin does the heavy lifting of sifting through the clutters of these paid and free platforms to chalk out the most valuable discussions and summarize them into digestible, actionable bites of information for members. 

Anon Robin is fast becoming the talk of the NFT & Crypto community, and for all the right reasons. A bastion of true utility that could potentially change the lives of millions through wide access to a goldmine of Crypto and NFT news, updates, and actionable bites of helpful insight, Anon Robin is opening people up to a whole new world of rewarding projects and perks that are exciting to rally behind.

The NFT & Crypto market today is plagued with a hierarchy problem that means only players at the top of the food chain are first to get the latest updates on high-value projects. Leveraging this information, they are able to get the juiciest squeeze from their investments as early birds, who also ‘take their bow’ (exit) the markets when the ovation is loudest.

Giving power back to the whole community, rather than a privileged few, Anon Robin is set to level the playing field by crawling and scanning hundreds of free groups and paid discord channels to haul off a heap of valuable snippets and updates about NFT drops, whitelist opportunities and Crypto updates.

Who Is Anon Robin?

Anon Robin consists of a team of NFT-insiders, investors and experts with skin in the game to scans 100s of free and paid (closed) Discord groups for members to conveniently capitalize on actionable insights, key trends, drops, whitelists, and alpha info from closed NFT & crypto communities.

They scan every major free &  paid access NFT & crypto groups, including Proof, Neo Tokyo, Nansen, Bankless, JRNY, Congz, etc. Being a part of some of these communities means coughing up between $50-200,000.

However, Anon Robin does the heavy lifting of sifting through the clutters of these paid and free platforms to chalk out the most valuable discussions and summarize them into digestible, actionable bites of information for members.

The founders of this project are driven in their mission to democratize information in the Crytpo & NFT world. As such, they have been able to harness their expertise in different tech-related fields to bring this vision to fruition. Some of the founders are:

Stillmac (The Project King)

Stillmac is the spirit of the project. He’s the team lead responsible for constantly tracking the insider information from the groups.

Meshuga John (Product Ruler)

The technical co-founder, he’s a seasoned entrepreneur and a product visionary. He founded, managed, and sold several successful businesses before and is customer-focused in his approach.

Skippy (Strategy Outlaw)

An experienced entrepreneur with a stint as a former owner (now sold) of an SaaS company under his belt. He is fixated on blockchain tech and specifically its shared boundaries with NFTs. He is a seasoned deal maker looking to execute a swell of partnerships and speedy delivery for the project.

Perks of Joining Anon Robin

It’s an unwritten rule that once word about an exciting project gets out, the chances are that you’re late to the show. Anon Robin keeps its members ahead of the curve by hinting them about these insider scoops on the same day and giving them only actionable information – based on their NFT holdings.

With this, members can leverage these insights before it becomes a free-for-all affair. They even have an automated NFT service where users can let them know all their favorite artists for a more personalized experience where they get notified about every relevant drop, airdrop, giveaway, and more!

Another way they provide enormous value to their members is by helping people duck the double whammy of spending too much time on discord channels yet still missing out on vital bits of information. Anon Robin’s rollout includes:

Free Pass

The free pass includes fully free access to the Anon Robin discord channel, and also hands members the keys to valuable insights and value-packed snippets from Discord Communities. With this, members can focus on what matters – profiting off their NFT & Crypto portfolio – rather than spending valuable time trawling the internet for their next move.

Yearly NFT Pass

Minting Anon Robin’s NFT means you have VIP access to some of the most highly profitable summaries of the most exclusive and expensive groups – the premium kind typically reserved for the high and mighty at the top of the NFT & Crypto food chain (some of them surpassing the $200k mark).

Anon Robin Lifetime OG NFT

For members looking to reap the best rewards from their membership by leveraging the most exclusive wealth of information on offer, Anon Robin’s Lifetime OG Character NFTS should be top of mind.

They include an exclusive run of 333 PFP Character NFTs that unlock all Yearly NFT Pass benefits, plus lifetime access to exclusive tools and premium content. But that’s just scratching the surface.

Being a long-term project, members also get to snap up a fat share of a quarterly payout, which could be as high as 10% of all NFT pass sold throughout the year.

Why Should You Join Anon Robin?

The NFT & Crypto space is serving up a new pipeline of wealth creation and disruption in the societal hierarchy. And beneath the veneer of the market analyst’s god-like predictions or enviable savvy is access to a not-so-secret edge – exclusive information.

Exclusive information is birthing a new upper class, and it’s widely expected that any platform with a flair for the collective growth of its members through access to these valuable insights will be everyone’s cup of tea. But there are a few other reasons why Anon Robin is the new rave:

First, the communal sense of belonging with a democratic approach to creating value means that their members are not just at the heart of their operations… They also get to call the shots!

For instance, Anon Robin scans most major free groups for top secrets and hot-off-the-press information about crypto + NFT projects. That said, members of the Anon Robin community can participate in regular votes to suggest new groups to crawl, scan, and summarize.

Anon Robin also achieves this using a personalized experience that gives users the opportunity to gain summaries of private insider information about their favorite NFT holdings and Artists.

In the spirit of giving back to the society, besides gifting their members daily awesome prizes in cash, NFTs, whitelist spots, a free summary of the day from all major free Discords, and other gifts. 25% of all secondary fee proceeds also go to charity, with the community being allowed to ultimately decide the recipient of these proceeds.

By striking a sweet spot between the uniquely exquisite art forms of their NFTs and the utility of information available to NFT & Crypto holders, Anon Robin is pioneering an entire ecosystem that is built on the democratization of NFT & Crypto information, and – as a knock-on effect – bridging the inequality gap.

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