OPEN Tokens to Be Available on KuCoin

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by Julia Sakovich · 3 min read
OPEN Tokens to Be Available on KuCoin
Photo: Open Platform

Having an aim to reach a wider audience, OPEN is working on establishing valuable partnerships. Kucoin has become a new partner of the platform.

OPEN team has announced their partnership with Kucoin. OPEN is the first blockchain infrastructure created for applications that are aimed at facilitating trading with digital assets.

Now all interested investors will have an opportunity to trade OPEN tokens on KuCoin exchange that has joined the list of OPEN’s notable partners: NEO, Draper Dragon, Sora, and DHVC.

The platform is working hard on establishing valuable partnerships. And cooperation with exchanges is one of the priorities for OPEN at the moment as it potentially could sky-rocket the tokens in the market just in the nearest future.

Partnership with Kucoin will contribute to promotion of OPEN platform among the wide audience and will ensure a safe and reliable way to purchase OPEN tokens. Moreover, this collaboration without any doubts will strengthen the reputation of OPEN platform and increase its recognition.

Kucoin has always been one of the most popular and trustworthy platforms to purchase tokens as it provides an effective and simple way to do it. Thanks to this new partnership, OPEN supporters will obtain a chance to buy OPEN tokens much easier. OPEN/BTC & OPEN/ETH pairs will be supported for buying and selling OPEN tokens.

Moreover, this OPEN platform’s cooperation with Kucoin can be very beneficious for those who have missed their chance to buy OPEN tokens during its latest sale worth a quarter million dollars.

OPEN has an aim to revolutionize the way how on-chain payments are being processed in the framework application-to-application communication.

Thanks to the unique infrastructure of OPEN network, even those who have minimal knowledge about the blockchain technology are able to carry out payments on OPEN platform without any difficulties. Using the all-in-one feature, all users have a possibility to transfer and receive money.

OPEN’s Scaffolding product has been brought into life and has been supported by a number of serious partners and blockchains developing using OPEN. Nevertheless, according to OPEN team, it is time to offer its developers and users to buy tokens that can be utilized within the network.

Moreover, the team believes that their real target audience is much wider than a group of those people who participated in the private sale. That’s why OPEN is changing its focus with an aim to address the entire blockchain space.

According to the plans of OPEN team, Kucoin together with other exchanges and the Developer Growth program will determine the future of OPEN.

Recently, OPEN has made a number of other important announcements. The company has always been working on achieving mainstream adoption of blockchain technologies trying to leverage both on-chain and off-chain components.

Having this idea in mind, the team has developed a high throughput blockchain with an interoperable data transfer protocol called OPEN Chain. OPEN Chain will contribute to the desired mainstream adoption facilitating all the processes for both developers and end users.

And the team is not going to stop at this point. It plans to continue its work on building solutions needed for enhancing scalability and versatility of the sphere.

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