Opera Crypto Browser Adds Web3 Wallet Selector Feature

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Opera Crypto Browser Adds Web3 Wallet Selector Feature
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With the wallet selector, users can switch between different wallet extensions and manage their assets more effectively.

Opera crypto browser has announced the addition of a Web3 wallet selector ahead of the Ethereum merge.

Launched in January, the browser provides comprehensive Web3 access to new and existing users. Its pre-existing features allowed access to dApps and supported a non-custodial crypto wallet. Also, it provided user education through its CryptoCorner.

Interestingly, the mobile crypto browser supports several tokens, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polygon, BNB, Celo, and the Nervos blockchain.

How the Web3 Wallet Selector Works

With the wallet selector, users can switch between different wallet extensions and manage their assets more effectively. Also, the selector will make it easier to access and use dApps from the browser.

According to Susie Batt, Crypto Ecosystem Lead at Opera, “the development of the world’s first Crypto Browser is a realization of our aims to provide the tools that enable open access to Web3.”

Apart from providing web3 access, the browser simplifies several previously complicated processes for average users. Adding the wallet selector is another step in further breaking down the process.

The web3 wallet selector will integrate with Opera’s native wallet Metamask. It will also support TrustWallet and many more wallets. After selecting a preferred wallet, the Wallet selector continues to remember the preference making it easy to navigate the ecosystem further.

Security Updates and dApp Integrations

Apart from the web3 wallet selector, the upgrade also improves its security features, guaranteeing protection from hacks and phishing links. Further, it plans to add more security features to identify malicious addresses and verify the authenticity of smart contracts reducing scams.

Also, in line with its previous integrations of the FIO Protocol and Yat, users can send assets directly to human-readable wallets and domain handles. Likewise, new integrations with Pancake Swap and BNB Chain Decentralized Finance (DeFi) app will allow trading from the browser.

Additionally, the crypto browser is partnering with DappRadar to allow access to over 11,000 dApps. According to Danny Yao, Senior Product manager at Opera, “the integration of DappRadar’s rich reliable data provides a major improvement for Web3 users.” Yao believes the integration provides a seamless solution for mobile and desktop users.

Opera plans to onboard many more users in the coming weeks by integrating with several blockchains and tokens.

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