Opera Takes Giant Stride in Web3 Global Agenda with Integration of Coin98 to Dedicated Crypto Browser

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Opera Takes Giant Stride in Web3 Global Agenda with Integration of Coin98 to Dedicated Crypto Browser
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Through the Coin98 partnership, Opera Crypto Browser users will now be able to access more Web3 applications which include NFTs and DEXs.

The Opera Crypto Browser is partnering with Coin98 to enhance Web3 accessibility across Southeast Asia. Pursuant to this collaboration, Opera’s Crypto Browser will grant users access to Coin98’s extensive suite of apps and assets for premium functionality. These include non-fungible tokens (NFTs), decentralized exchanges (DEXs), asset swaps, and cross-chain bridges. Furthermore, Opera’s integration of Coin98 will also allow users to stake and lend their crypto.

More on Opera-Coin98 Web3 Initiative

Opera Crypto took to Twitter to herald its integration of Southeast Asia-based DeFi platform Coin98. A post by the Web3-focused project read:

“Opera partners with @coin98_wallet, a leading DeFi gateway! Our users can now seamlessly access an ecosystem of accessible DeFi products that help onboard more users onto Web3!”

Furthermore, in a blog post, Opera’s Crypto Browser mentioned the prospect of tapping into Coin98’s two million-strong community in Southeast Asia. In addition, the leading and world’s foremost Web3 dedicated browser identifies the Southeast Asian market as an international technology hotspot. Due to its mammoth online user base of 2.8 billion, digital currencies have seen great reception in the region. For instance, the Southeast Asian region has transcended other continents by the sheer volume of retail crypto investors. Vietnam leads the adoption race by far, with 41% of respondents saying they owned at least one crypto.

Speaking on Opera’s Web3 goals of providing unfettered global access, Opera crypto ecosystem lead Susie Batt explained that “with over 340 million users worldwide, it is critical that they [we] encourage mainstream adoption by supplying products and services that everyone can use.”

Opera Crypto Browser

Opera’s Crypto Browser is a Web3-inclined project that facilitates navigation across various mediums, including decentralized applications (dApps), games, and metaverse platforms. The dedicated crypto browser enables users to interact with these mediums seamlessly and easily. In addition, the Opera Crypto Browser also offers other supporting features, such as an inbuilt non-custodial crypto wallet. Furthermore, users are also privy to a free VPN and sidebar support for Telegram and Twitter.

Earlier this year, Opera partnered with Yat, a service that specializes in creating emojified web addresses or URLs.


As a leading DeFi gateway in Southeast Asia, Coin98 sports a comprehensive ecosystem of essential services. The platform expressed delight at collaborating with Opera to further facilitate Web3 access. This is because Opera has over 25 years of experience in the browser service industry and a large dedicated user base. In a blog post, Coin98 stated:

“Through working with Opera, Coin98 is helping to bring over 340M+ Web2 users to expedite decentralized applications built on Web3. Meanwhile, we can acquire traction in potential markets like SEA and globally.”

Coin98 concluded that it is eager to embark on this initiative with Opera as a credible Web3 partner. In addition, the DeFi platform also intimated that it was looking forward to contributing to the route of mass adoption among the younger generation.

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