Opera Browser Finalizes Integration of MultiversX on Mobile and Desktop Platforms

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by Steve Muchoki · 3 min read
Opera Browser Finalizes Integration of MultiversX on Mobile and Desktop Platforms
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The integration helps Opera users navigate the Web3 industry through MultiversX with the help of EGLD coins.

The Opera browser, one of the leading internet browsers with more than 300 million users across its mobile and desktop platforms, has announced a successful integration with MultiversX (EGLD), a metaverse-centric blockchain formerly known as Elrond. Following the integration, Opera users can download the configuration via a dedicated link to enable the access of features like dedicated wallpapers, and speed dials for quick access to essential MultiversX sites. The integration of the Opera browser with MultiversX will enhance the future growth prospects of both platforms. Furthermore, it is a seamless mainstream adoption of Web3 by Web2 users.

With the integration, Opera users can seamlessly interact with MultiversX digital assets including EGLD, ESDT tokens, and NFTs. Moreover, Opera users can easily browse the decentralized applications available on the MultiversX blockchain. According to market data provided by DefiLlama, the MultiversX blockchain has a total value locked (TVL) of approximately $54.11 million.

Among the top DeFi protocols on the MultiversX blockchains include xExchange, a decentralized exchange with a TVL of about $47 million. Other notable DeFi protocols on the MultiversX network include Proteo DeFi, AshSwap, and QuantumX network.

“There’s an undeniable advantage in creating a clear and easy pathway to the Web3 world within the quintessential Web2 portal, the browser. This can act as a powerful catalyst for wider adoption and exploration of the MultiversX blockchain ecosystem, while also providing a smooth and intuitive experience for existing users. We’re excited to be at the forefront of this significant shift, alongside Opera,” said Beniamin Mincu, MultiversX CEO.

MultiversX Market Outlook

The MultiversX network is expected to significantly benefit from the integration of Opera amid huge competition in the blockchain industry. Ranked 51 by its total market capitalization, MultiversX (EGLD) had a total market capitalization of approximately $940 million on Friday and a 24-hour trading volume of about $13 million.

According to on-chain data provided by egldscan, MultiversX had total addresses of 2,242,304 with about 3,197 validators. The price of EGLD traded around $36.93, up approximately 2.3 percent in the past 24 hours. Moreover, the EGLD has a low token supply of about 31.4 million coins compared to most meme coins that count trillions of coins.

Nevertheless, the EGLD coin is far from its ATH, around $545.64, down more than 93 percent according to market data provided by Coingecko.

The proof-of-stake network can deal with huge on-chain demand by enabling real-time splitting and merging of shards.

Closer Look at Opera

Opera browser is competing with the likes of Google Chrome, Apple‘s Safari, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer. Nevertheless, Opera has managed to remain among the top five most used browsers with the introduction of Opera One. Notably, Opera One is well-redesigned to engage with emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI).

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