Oracle Partners with Mitsubishi to Develop IoT Platform for Smart Manufacturing

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Oracle Partners with Mitsubishi to Develop IoT Platform for Smart Manufacturing
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Using Oracle Cloud, new Mitsubishi Electric’s Internet of Things platform enables rapid collection, analysis, and utilization of production site data.

Mitsubishi Electric has used Oracle’s cloud technologies to develop a new platform for factory automation, FA-IT Open Platform, which uses edge computing to collect data from machinery and business applications and analyses it on production sites.

Oracle has been stepping up its IoT efforts, with an aim to easing deployments and delivering more business value. Like Salesforce and SAP, the company is arguing that melding corporate and customer data with the Internet of Things and analytics drives business value.

FA-IT Open Platform leverages Oracle Database Cloud, Oracle Java Cloud, Oracle BI Cloud, Oracle IoT Cloud, Oracle IoT Production Monitoring Cloud, Oracle SOA Cloud, and Oracle Infrastructure as a Service.

Information  received in real time from machine tools and production terminals is received by Oracle IoT Cloud, enabling efficient real time processing with the extensible infrastructure. Mitsubishi Electric utilizes machine learning of Oracle Database Cloud, the reporting function of Oracle BI Cloud, and the cost-effective Oracle Cloud Infrastructure in the analysis of accumulated Big Data, contributing to further development of solutions in the factory automation area for customers and to smart manufacturing industry.

“Mitsubishi Electric develops advanced technologies and products for rapidly emerging factory automation,” said Toshiya Takahashi, corporate executive group senior vice president for factory automation systems at Mitsubishi Electric Corporation. “By adding Oracle Cloud services to this platform, we believe that it will be possible to visualize factories and build an application development environment. In order to provide the platform to customers early, we will also work with partner companies, including IT companies, to develop applications utilizing the platform.”

Oracle also introduced new industry solutions for digital field service, smart connected factories and digital fleet management.

“IoT holds the potential to transform today’s siloed operations into a modern, interconnected, digital set of workflows with real-time visibility and responsiveness,” said Bhagat Nainani, group vice president of IoT applications at Oracle. “Oracle continues to push the boundaries of IoT to help our customers significantly simplify their IoT deployments. By receiving real-time data streams enhanced with predictive insights, they can reach new levels of intelligence and a much quicker realization of ROI.”

To Oracle, the IoT Cloud will ultimately blend augmented and virtual reality for efforts like preventative maintenance and inventory tracking. A demo highlighted how IoT, Oracle systems, and augmented and virtual reality can co-mingle.

Lionel Chocron, vice president of IoT Solutions at Oracle, walked through the augmented and virtual reality demos. He noted that early adopters are looking at AR and VR, but he sees sectors like manufacturing are driving interest: “Our goal is to make IoT easy and focus on business outcomes,” said Mr. Chocron.

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