OrdinalsBot Secures $3M to Boost Bitcoin Inscriptions 

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OrdinalsBot Secures $3M to Boost Bitcoin Inscriptions 
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OrdinalsBot’s primary mission includes streamlining the inscription-minting process for non-fungible token (NFT) collectors and artists.

OrdinalsBot, one of the newly launched blockchain protocols building out the data layer of the Bitcoin (BTC) ecosystem, has concluded its seed funding round with $3 million in investments.

The London-based company announced the oversubscribed round in an official press release dated March 2026, 2024.

OrdinalsBot Secures a Total of $4.5M in Funding

OrdinalsBot conducted its pre-seed funding round towards the end of 2023, securing approximately $1.5 million from institutional investors. However, with the completion of the latest seed round, the company now boasts a total of $4.5 million in funding. The oversubscribed fundraising was led by DACM, a global investment company specializing in seed and early-stage investments.

Other notable contributors in the round included Eden Block, Nural Capital, WWVentures, Lightning Ventures, Oak Grove Ventures, UTXO Management, London Real Ventures, Crypto Zombie, and MDX Crypto.

The company, launched in February 2023, plans to use the funds to reset the dynamics and infrastructure within the BTC blockchain, bringing new opportunities to the Ordinals and the entire Bitcoin ecosystem.

“We initially launched as the first automated inscription service in the Bitcoin Ordinals ecosystem and have since expanded in many ways and believe that this next chapter, with the support of our new investors, will further continue to put us in a position to turbocharge Bitcoin – the biggest and most decentralized chain in the world,” said Toby Lewis, co-founder of OrdinalsBot.

OrdinalsBot Plans to Hire More Staff

In addition to enhancing the BTC ecosystem, the company plans to use the funds to expand its workforce. The funding will also allow the firm to explore and focus on other innovative ways to empower users and developers across the Bitcoin Ordinals ecosystem.

OrdinalsBot’s primary mission includes streamlining the inscription-minting process for non-fungible token (NFT) collectors and artists. Before now, creating an Ordinal involved navigating through several complex steps, which included downloading the entire history of the Bitcoin blockchain. However, with the launch of the protocol, the firm seeks to make the process easier for users.

The company said it has experienced significant growth since its last fundraising, expanding its business to include a full suite of product offerings designed to simplify the process of minting and managing Bitcoin inscriptions and BRC-20 tokens.

These new offerings include OrdinalsBot Inscription Tool, OrdinalsBot Scribe, and OrdinalsBot API, which provides analytics and collection management tools, and a marketplace API that supports Ordinals and BRC-20 tokens.

Factors Driving OrdinalsBot’s Success

Richard Galvin, the co-founder of DACM who led the seed funding round, said that OrdinalsBot’s growth is a testament to its early positioning. Additionally, he attributed the company’s success over the past several months to the ease-of-use of the technological solutions it created.

He also outlined other OrdinalsBot’s achievements since its introduction into the market, such as mining the biggest block in BTC mining history and participating in three of the ten largest BTC inscriptions in recent times, as key factors driving the firm’s growth. Galvin praised the company for enabling projects to mint in a single BTC block, which was previously impossible.

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