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Orozu – Enables You To Earn and Transfer Money Cheaply

June 22nd, 2018 at 10:09 am UTC · 3 min read

Having sold more than 4.5 million coins in its ICO that took place between February and May 2018, Orozu has firmly demonstrated that it is well suited for a speedy rise.

Why Orozu?

The modern world is fast-moving, and the last thing that should hold you up from doing business or earning an extra coin is unreliable money transfer methods. Conventional money remittances services such as interbank transfers have not only been accused of being unreliable, but also opaque, slow and cumbersome.

While Blockchain technology goes a long way in managing this problem, most cryptocurrencies take an extended time to reach consensus.

Orozu brings a new way of doing way of doing business. It eliminates the lengthy processes and enables you to send and receive money in real time. Users can sell, buy, lend, mine and stake with Orozu.

What are Orozu’s Unique Features?

Everything on Orozu is simply amazing. To start with, regardless of where you are in the world, your transactions take effect instantly. Transaction costs are extremely low. In addition, Orozu guarantees you a safe and secure way which has been enhanced through high-level security features using modern encryption language.

Secondly, Oruzu gives you several options of what you can do on the platform. This includes buying, selling, lending, staking and mining and earning through affiliates.

Since Orozu is a decentralized system, you are purely in charge of your own transactions; thus you are also in charge of what and how you earn through the platform. For instance, by participating in the lending platform, you can make extra 30% returns on your investment every month.

However, since interest rates are projected from trading results of the previous month, returns may fluctuate from time to time.

To ensure full compliance with legal requirements, lending and trading on Orozu is managed by the GO INVEST GROUP LIMITED (registration and license number VFSC14548). Plans are also underway to enlist the services of a reputable insurance company with the aim of mitigating lending risks while safeguarding investors’ interests.

And did we mention mining? While most cryptocurrencies consume up to 42TWh of electricity just to mine coins, Oruzu utilizes the staking system, where 95% of coins are floated to the market, and only 5% is left for mining. This significantly reduces your electricity costs.

By June 2018, Orozu will be listed on, giving it the much-needed impetus since it is already listed on, and

So, Who can Benefit from Orozu?

Orozu users do not necessarily need to have technical skills or prior knowledge and experience in Blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Not at all! Anyone can get started by signup for an Orozu wallet here. It takes less than a minute to create one. The wallet is usable across several gadgets such as the laptop, smartphone, tablet or even a desktop.

The good news is that Oruzu will also reward you for bringing friends and family on board, through their affiliate program. To invite people, simply create an account on and share your referral code with your friends and family. You will receive bonuses up to the 7th level of the people in your network.

So, What Next?

Orozu is well positioned to be one of the fastest growing Blockchain products in 2018. Several milestones are outlined for 2018, including an e-commerce component. Further, Orozu aims to connect with more businesses to have them accept payments through the platform.



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