P2E Gaming Platform Legacy Of Game to Kick Off Pre-sale of LOGX Token on February 24

P2E Gaming Platform Legacy Of Game to Kick Off Pre-sale of LOGX Token on February 24

UTC by Steve Muchoki · 3 min read
P2E Gaming Platform Legacy Of Game to Kick Off Pre-sale of LOGX Token on February 24
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The Legacy Of Game (LOG) ecosystem has been preparing for mass adoption of its gamifi projects like Billiards and Chess since its official launch in early 2023.

The ongoing mass adoption of web3 platforms and digital assets is expected to be expedited by the gamifi platforms in the coming years. Simple and engaging gamifi protocols with vibrant development and investor community will play a crucial role in onboarding millions of users to blockchain technology. As a result, Legacy Of Game (LOG), a fast-growing play-to-earn (P2E) gaming ecosystem, is focused on delivering an opportunity for all gamers to participate in a revolutionary blockchain-based gaming landscape.

In a bid to enable financial freedom for gamers, Legacy Of Game has set the pre-sale of the much anticipated LOGX token on February 24, 2024. Worth noting that the Legacy Of Game ecosystem uses a two-token system – LOG and LOGX – to incentivize its players through different initiatives.

“LOG’s economic model is a masterclass in innovation. By harmonizing the gaming rewards system with the financial mechanisms of LOG and LOGX tokens, we’ve created an ecosystem where players are not mere participants but beneficiaries of the platform’s growth. The value of our tokens is backed by real usage and demand in our vibrant gaming ecosystem,” the company noted in the announcement.

Closer Look at Legacy Of Game and LOGX Tokenomics

The LOGX tokens have presented LOG players with an opportunity to participate in an investment in the future of gaming. With a total circulation of about 8.8 billion, the LOGX tokens have been distributed keenly to ensure the sustainable growth of the project. Notably, 45 percent of the total supply of the LOGX tokens has been allocated to private and public sales while the team received about 10 percent of the total supply. The gaming company has set the price of 1 LOGX token, which runs on its native gaming blockchain, at $0.01, with the value expected to rise in tandem with the adoption of its gaming platforms.

In a bid to ensure a fair distribution, Legacy Of Game intends to give free LOG coins, NFTs, and other rewards to players through different initiatives to stir excitement within the community. Additionally, the company intends to introduce a Jackpot Fund that is generated from 0.1 percent of the commission token from each game played. Notably, Legacy Of Game users will be granted a spin on the Wheel of Fortune, which yields various rewards including the jackpot itself. Worth noting that players can also earn LOG tokens by watching sponsored videos on the network.

The Legacy Of Game has also developed unique NFT SKINs that are adaptable to various characters or objects used in the game. Notably, the NFT SKINs will be unveiled to the gaming community through an exclusive NFT auction and can be seamlessly traded within the gaming platform. The NFTs will be listed at a base price, with an automatic increment of 10 percent over the purchase value, ensuring a lucrative and engaging marketplace for gamers.

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