Parabolic’s Multi-Chain Relaunch Is the New Crypto Buzz

April 18th, 2022 at 10:32 am UTC · 4 min read

Parabolic’s Multi-Chain Relaunch Is the New Crypto Buzz
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ETH, BSC, Matic, Fantom, and AVAX are all set to welcome Parabolic as a multi-chain platform. This much-awaited re-launch is planned for 21st April 2022. After creating a lot of buzz post its first launch in October last year, it’s all ready to make a comeback. Along with it, Parabolic will release its crypto-style casino game.

The gameplay resembles a crypto trading chart and it is a one-of-a-kind launch simulation crash game with mid-game cashouts. Timely payouts to gamers is ensured by maintaining 50% game liquidity. A lot has been put into the development for the last six months and the game is finally up for release.

What Makes the Parabolic Tokens Worthy of Your Investment?

There are numerous similar projects available in the space, but this new crash game is speculated to take the excitement to another level. The thrilling idea behind it and the engaging gameplay is something to be looked out for. The game commences with each player depositing the amount of Parabolic Tokens they wish to gamble. As it progresses, the chart becomes more parabolic increasing the bet multiplier.

The primary aim of the game is to cash out before the chart crashes. One needs to ‘Buy’ or ‘Sell’ tokens in order to place bets or cash out respectively.

Some critical elements that make this game stand out from the bunch are as follows:

  • A feature that enables users to cash out a percentage of their total gambled value while playing live.
  • Keeping in mind the welfare of the holders, 50% of the profit from the game will be burned which will uptrend the coin’s value.
  • Game liquidity is a very important aspect in this space and Parabolic keeps care of it too by maintaining the required game liquidity to prioritize timely payouts as per the schedule.

Transaction Taxes of the Token include:

  • Ø Unique Buy Back – 3%
  • Ø Deflationary Burn – 3%
  • Ø Game Development – 3%
  • Ø Auto-Liquidity – 3%

How Is the Parabolic Ecosystem an Efficient Moneymaking System?

Elimination of the burned token completely out of circulation is what makes it unique. Unlike, other platforms that transfer the burnt tokens to a dead address, Parabolic is committed to boosting the token value. It is the reason why the liquidity to market cap ratio is on the fall and the value of your holdings on the rise. It is expected that a high percentage of its supply will be wiped out within 24 hours of launch.

Imposing exorbitant and unrealistic taxes on the holders is not practiced here. Rather a large part of the transaction fee is pumped back to create a long-term sustainable project.

Don’t miss the chance to win prizes worth $1000!

Believe it or not, you stand a chance to win a grand prize worth $1000 by participating in the Gleam Giveaway Competition organized by the platform.

1 lucky entry can win Parabolic tokens worth $1000 after the game launch by registering in this competition. That is not all, 100 lucky winners stand a chance to win Parabolic Tokens worth 10$ each after the launch. To be a part of the competition, you have to complete some actions to earn entries. The more entries you have, the higher the chances of winning the grand prize. So, what are you waiting for, get as many as possible!

Go to this link to get an entry.

The Parabolic officials have also got Utku Alpagut, a highly-qualified contract developer. He has a rock-solid reputation and credibility, that is bound to reflect in the ecosystem and will be noticeable as soon as you become a part of it.

To learn more about Parabolic Token, check our official website.

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