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Particl & Changelly Unite: Combatting the Data Security Risks Paired with Cryptocurrency Use

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by Eugenia Kovaliova · 3 min read
Particl & Changelly Unite: Combatting the Data Security Risks Paired with Cryptocurrency Use

The collaboration between Particl and Changelly will dispel the customers’ concerns about cryptocurrency use by reducing personal data security risks.

Year by year, cryptocurrencies are gaining popularity as a useful and convenient method of investment. However, they are still coupled with lots of privacy concerns, especially in a post-Snowden age, when people are increasingly aware of the value of their personal data being gathered by their governments for national security, and data collection organisations for profit.

The recent collaboration between Particl, an open-source and decentralized privacy platform based on blockchain, and Changelly, a cryptocurrency exchange service between digital currencies, is targeted at dispelling these customer’s concerns by developing a system, which allows crypto-users to buy and earn currency on a decentralized platform.

Particl was founded less than year ago with the aim of creating decentralised apps, or dapps, to enable the sale of cryptocurrencies, including, but not limited too, BTC, LTC and ETH, securely. Currently, the Particl marketplace only allows for the use of their own cryptocurrency (PART) on their marketplace.

PART is currently live on testnet, designed with the aim of privacy for the people who use it. Privacy is ensured through several tools, like Confidential Transactions, Ring Confidential Transactions and PoS Cold Staking. Particl sees private e-commerce as a beneficial system for all parties involved in the entire crypto ecosystem.

Particl’s Lead Developer, Ryno Mathee had this to say about the partnership with Changelly:

​​​​“I am excited about our partnership with Changelly. They provide a much-needed service, and this opens up many opportunities for Particl.”​​

Changelly have been operating since 2015, and has become a popular cryptocurrency exchange. It has over 2 million registered users across the planet, all of whom conduct approximately 15,000 transactions on a daily basis, and trades with over 100 coins and tokens listed on their exchange.

The company has even developed an instant exchange API, which is used by their other partners, including Coinomi, Coinpayments, Jaxx, Breadwallet, and various others. As well as this, Changelly acts as a mediator between major partners. It facilitates the start of new exchange options between them, including their new partner, Particl.

According to Konstantin Gladych, Changelly CEO & Co-Founder:

​​“Changelly is pleased to have Particl as a partner. Working together, we can implement an all-in-one approach to interaction between cryptocurrencies and provide the smoothest user experience possible.”

This new partnership will allow for the combined strength of both parties to streamline their services, increasing the simplicity of the Particl marketplace and allowing crypto-users to shop without worrying about data security risks, especially with the transfer of coins to PART, which will add a further layer of privacy insulation via Particl’s confidential transactions.

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