Patience Pays: Get to Know Popular Investor Reinhardt Coetzee

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by Julia Sakovich · 3 min read
Photo: Etoro
Photo: Etoro

All traders have their own secrets of success and Reinhardt Coetzee, well-known investor from South African, is ready to tell his story.

While some people strongly believe that successful trading is pure luck, some others are absolutely sure that only deep understanding of the industry, a well-developed strategy and good knowledge can bring their results.

To prove it, it is enough just to study the stories of successful traders and Reinhardt Coetzee, South African Popular Investor, who has been trading on eToro since 2016, is one of the best role models for investors which can be seen from his profile.

Reinhardt Coetzee’s Experience

Being a technology enthusiast, Reinhardt has always been interested in the latest technological trends that are able to revolutionize our life. As he works in the industrial automation industry, investing is something like his hobby.

He started investing in equity funds like unit trusts and ETFs quite long ago when he began earning his own money. But having an aim to move further in this direction, he decided to go in for share trading online, to start investing in stocks directly and to build his own portfolio. A little bit more than years ago he joined eToro and quite quickly reached an Elite Popular Investor status.

Why eToro

Reinhardt said that he had chosen eToro as it offers easy access to international markets, a user-friendly interface and an opportunity to interact with other traders from all over the world. Moreover, the platform has such benefits as transparency and statistics which is extremely important if you want to see a real situation.

According to Reinhardt, thanks to eToro he has managed to build out a well-positioned, diversified portfolio. Via the market-maker model that is used by the platform, traders have an opportunity to reinvest in their portfolios, adding new positions and taking advantage of buying opportunities that are opened.

Reinhardt Coetzee’s Trading Strategy

Reinhardt’s portfolio is focused on a maximum long-term growth. He doesn’t want to be just a day trader and tries to do a lot of research and to analyze carefully all the information available about the companies that he invests in.

Moreover, being a thematic investor, Reinhardt specializes in the technology spheres, like AI, as he really believes that namely these companies are creating our future.

As he has managed to become a Popular Investor, now he gets a percentage of his assets under management which is a good incentive for him. Though being a Popular Investor presupposes huge responsibility, it is also a great motivator.

“My main focus and long-term goal at eToro is still to grow the portfolio, keep getting the best possible return, and to be profitable on a consistent basis for myself and my copiers”, said Reinhardt.

Based on his experience, Reinhardt recommends traders to keep a long-term goal in mind. He also warns that though technology stocks and equities may be volatile in the short-term, they are considered to be the most profitable investment categories. One of the key things according to him is patience and staying calm despite all external changes.

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Julia Sakovich
Author: Julia Sakovich

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