Pawtocol to Launch First UPI Vet Program in Southern United States

December 9th, 2020 at 7:15 pm UTC · 2 min read

Pawtocol to Launch First UPI Vet Program in Southern United States

Pawtocol has joined forces with the esteemed Miami Animal Clinic as well as EZVet, which has plans to expand into 400 locations. The pilot program works with EZVet’s mobile veterinarian as well as walk-ins at one of their high tech clinics.

With this pilot program, set to launch January 2021, pet owners will be able to exchange data accumulated from their Blockchain Dog Tag for a free visit for first time clients.

With data you can utilize services such as an itch problem exam that includes a complete flea and tick exam, ear infection exam, complete physical exam, heartworm testing as well as dental exams.

CEO of Pawtocol, Karim Quazzani says:

“Most vets are trying to get more data about their neighboring pets and willing to give free first visits to get better data.”

In fact, pet data helps vets get to know the health issues common to the population near them which lets them diagnose pets more accurately and spot contagious illnesses and other health trends sooner. Normally, vets spend a lot of money in advertising just to bring in pets for first visits. They have realized they can get rid of advertising costs and compensate pet parents directly because they are getting data which improves their practice in return.

One of the most unique innovations of the Pawtocol platform is the Data Marketplace, a first of its kind, peer-to-peer exchange for users to safely sell their de-identified data directly to companies and groups that want to buy it. For users, this means getting paid when someone wants to use their data. For buyers, it means richer datasets, with cheaper price tags.

EZVet founder Barry Goldberg says:

“We strongly believe that data has more value than money. In fact we spend a lot of money gathering data. Why not exchange data for services?  For us pet data is gold.”

Learn more about UPI (Universal Pet Income) in our Whitepaper and read about our Data Marketplace or join our Telegram community.



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