Paxful Giving Away 10 Bitcoin to Promote Blockchain Economy Entrepreneurship

January 10th, 2017 at 8:36 pm UTC · 2 min read

Paxful, a global leader in peer-to-peer bitcoin technology, is launching a bitcoin-based affiliate contest. Paxful will be giving away a total of 10 bitcoin to affiliate referrers. The goal of the program is to promote bitcoin as a business opportunity for virtually anyone.

“We’re making bitcoin simple for anyone to make money advertising buying and selling it. We know our affiliate program is the best way to do that,” said Paxful co-founder Ray Youssef.

Paxful’s affiliate program is open to anyone looking for new business opportunities. Affiliates earn 2% of all referred bitcoin bought or sold via its marketplace platform. The program is global and referrers earn instantly via the power of bitcoin’s always-on technology. Paxful’s affiliate program is 10x more than most bitcoin affiliate programs.

To reward top affiliates, Paxul will be giving out 1 BTC bonuses to the top 3 referrers during the period of January 10 -February 10. In addition, everyone who participates will be entered to win 1 BTC in a lottery. The only thing required is a passion to teach others about bitcoin, a global currency benefitting the unbanked and underbanked looking for financial access.

“Unlike other affiliate programs, Paxful allows people to earn passively, instantly and globally. Our commitment to give away thousand of dollars in bitcoin to affiliates is motivation to get everyone to try the program. The money will not just go to big affiliates, but first-timers too. As long as they refer a single sale of $10 they can win,” said Paxful co-founder Artur Schaback.

The Paxful affiliate program offers link codes, banners and buttons to be used creatively by affiliates. The company has already seen individuals become entrepreneurs offering bitcoin buy/sell services on websites, via chatbots and through educating the unbanked about its opportunities.

“Bitcoin is still an early stage technology. Think about how the web was before Google AdSense. This program is incredible for anyone seeking ground-floor opportunities,” Youssef added.

Review the official announcement of the campaign here.

About Paxful

Paxful is a peer-to-peer marketplace built on open source bitcoin and blockchain technology. It enables anyone in the world to buy, sell and accept bitcoin instantly. Paxful’s platform has been used by over 400,000 globally, and has 300+ payment methods.