Pay Less for Everything From Watches to Property and Cars Using Cryptocurrencies

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Pay Less for Everything From Watches to Property and Cars Using Cryptocurrencies
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MillionCoin ecosystem presents One Million Shop and AT.Systems solutions to allow users trade, get investment advice, shop, sell, and transact in one place.

Can we leverage new and disruptive technologies to enhance our daily lives? How about harnessing the power of the blockchain, cryptocurrencies and e-commerce to purchase items of daily use or even luxury goods cheaper than on the open market? What if a new platform could change the way we think about cryptocurrencies and their usability?

The Answer to Crypto Isability Is Here.

A new platform aims to deliver these capabilities to crypto users now. MillionCoin has built a system that allows users to trade, get investment advice, shop, sell, and transact in one place. The MillionCoin shop, a central component of the MillionCoin ecosystem, is an ambitious project, which aims to actually provide goods from watches to property cheaper than the market rate by leveraging the power of cryptocurrency.

In development for 2 years, the One Million Shop (OMS) empowers sellers with advanced e-commerce capabilities, while all legal issues are advised and supported by OMS staff. Launching on July 18 with seller partnerships in over 6 Western countries established to date (Poland, Germany, Great Britain, The Netherlands, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland and Norway.), OMS will be a market that explores new optimization frontiers using the features of cryptocurrency.

The Need for One Million Shop

Cryptocurrencies are yet to be mass adopted. While the popularity of digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. is on the rise, they still need a friendly user experience to applicable for use in our daily life. Explaining how One Million Shop will contribute to enhanced crypto usability, a MillionCoin representative said:

“With this element, we want to reach companies that feel the need to grow and want to expand their offer of payments for goods with cryptocurrencies. The customer of this platform will be people who want to make payments for goods in cryptocurrencies. These are people who already earn some income in cryptocurrencies and want to spend them without having to exchange them for fiat currency.”

Meanwhile, MillionCoin boasts yet another solution called AT.Systems, which is already live. When describing the idea behind it, company’s representative stated:

“With this element, we want to reach people who want to invest money on the cryptocurrency market, but do not have the time or the right knowledge. The next group that Bot* will be interested in will be traders who are looking for an effective tool to create their own strategies.”

* Bot  is a solution that enables AT.System’s users either use ready-made plans or personally set the key parameters to achieve optimal results when trading; the system performs the exchange operations itself, awaiting the best purchase and sale conditions; as Bot trades on many exchanges simultaneously, it also allows for a lowered exchange commission for purchase and sale.

In fact, customers of the shop could use the Bot to gauge price trends of cryptocurrencies so as to make purchases cheaper than the open market. This would make a big difference in big-ticket purchases like property or luxury goods.

Solid Support for Retailers

In order to facilitate the use of cryptocurrencies, it is of utmost importance that traders and retailers be encouraged to adopt crypto. While it is possible for retailers on the platform to cash out in fiat, other issues surrounding cryptocurrencies are being addressed by One Million Shop as well.

Perhaps most interestingly, they are offering to help users with the legal quagmire that is crypto trading and transactions. In this regard MillionCoin representative states:

“Legal and tax advisory will certainly be a key service for companies operating in the cryptocurrency industry, and for people who want to multiply their money in cryptocurrencies, but do not quite know how to account for it.”

In addition, early players that jump on the crypto bandwagon will get additional promotion opportunities, as One Million Shop will prominently display authorized dealers, real estate agents and car dealerships on their platform.

Gearing Up for an Imminent Launch

Unlike many crypto projects that have grand roadmap designs but little in the way of a working product, MillionCoin have decided to release functionality in an agile way, with the MillionCoin Shop and AT.Systems Bot already usable.

However, with such a wide range of financial interactions planned for the MillionCoin platform, there is obvious concerns around security. As far as this goes, the team states:

“Safety is key to us, that’s why we set up our own team that took care of designing the system from the security side. The products that come out of the programming department are constantly tested for security by our two pentesters. We carry out white-box and black-box penetration tests. Additionally, in order to increase the level of security, we manually check payments for cryptocurrency portfolios.”

In this way, with a secure and ready-to-use offering, MillionCoin are holding their token pre-sale for their MON token ( 3.750.000 MON in total), which is to be live until August 17th, 2018 or until 1000 ETH is collected.  While the minimum purchase is not set, all early contributors can get 5x bonus (3750 MON).

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