Reap Benefits of Portfolio Diversification Together with eToro’s Upgraded Stocks Offer

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by Sofiko Abeslamidze · 3 min read

As of mid-June, eToro allows its users to hold all kinds of their financial assets including cryptocurrencies, stocks, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and others in a single portfolio.

One of the keys to successful investing is learning how balance risk and reward in your portfolio. This strategy also known as diversification has many complex iterations, but in layman’s term it’s simply about spreading your portfolio across a mix of assets.

Most investment professionals agree that, although it does not guarantee against loss, diversification is the irreplaceable component of reaching long-range financial goals since it substantially reduces the number and severity of stomach-churning ups and downs while optimizing potential return of investments.

Given the recent volatility of cryptocurrency market, the concept of diversification become very popular among a vast majority of investors searching for the feasible ways to mitigate risks. In a bid to meet clear demand, the world’s leading social trading network eToro has introduced a game-changing stocks offering.

In terms of the platform’s offer as of mid-June, eToro eToroallows its users to hold all kinds of their financial assets including cryptocurrencies, stocks, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and others in a single portfolio.

Previously, eToro clients could invest in stocks using contracts for difference (CFDs). Now, however, traders are able to purchase the underlying asset. There is also no management or ticket fee on stock purchases. Additionally, the stamp duty investors would normally have to pay on United Kingdom stocks will be absorbed by eToro – but only for a limited time, as an introductory offer.

Owing to the eToro platform, traders can gain access to thousands of stocks from across European, Asian, and United States markets, and take advantage of competitive and transparent pricing as this is all included in the spread equating to 0.09 per cent, per side. Clients can also apply leverage or open short positions to trade stocks via CFDs.

In the first quarter of 2018, eToro announced that it raised $100 million to support its global expansion and the development of blockchain-based technologies. This brings the total capital raised by the company, since its inception, to $162 million, while the number of eToro’s active users has surpassed a 10 million threshold.

In seeking to maintain investors’ interest, the platform is gradually expanding its asset classes, and stocks are an important part of that growth. As previously reported by Coinspeaker, eToro has recently widened the list of trading cryptocurrencies with EOS. Currently it offers ten major digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Litecoin, Ethereum Classic, Dash, Stellar, NEO and EOS.

Now eToro represents a safe and trustworthy platform on which users trade as it adheres to the strictest of regulations imposed by Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, Financial Conduct Authority, and the National Futures Association. It successfully empowers people to invest by giving them access to the assets they want from cryptos to shares, eToro makes buying straightforward.

By the means of unique feature called Popular Investors, the eToro’s community members are rewarded for sharing their wisdom with other users. For those who lacks trading experience eToro has designed innovative CopyTrader and CopyFund tools, as well as the platform’s virtual portfolio and educational guides and videos. Consequently, the eToro platform does its best to ensure your flawless cryptocurrency trading experience.

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Sofiko Abeslamidze

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