Payment Institution Worldcore Launches ICO, Aiming to Raise Up to $100M

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Payment Institution Worldcore Launches ICO, Aiming to Raise Up to $100M
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Alternative payment solution Worldcore launched ICO on October 14, 2017 and has all chances to raise up to $100M.

Worldcore is an EU-regulated payment institution, founded in 2014 by EUPSProvider. This company is licensed by the National Bank of Czech Republic. Founder and chief executive of Worldcore, Alexey Nasonov is included in The 2016 New Europe list, the third annual list of central and eastern Europe’s brightest and best people.

Pre-sale for accredited investors had begun 5 days before the official Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and Worldcore offered 10% bonuses to this early birds. According to the company’s press release, the project has already raised over $5 million through its pre-sale, requiring a minimum of 165 ETH/11 BTC to participate. It seems that Worldcore can easily reach maximum cap of $100m as the ICO progresses. 

Since the beginning of the campaign, Worldcore has made significant progress on their roadmap. In a mission to triple their growth rate by the end of the year, the company has extended their marketing budget and launched outdoor marketing campaigns, taking over the streets of Prague and even the PRG Airport. The efforts are paying off, as Worldcore reports a 36% revenue growth in Q3 2017 and over 50% growth in client’s base growth, since the announcement of the ICO.

One of the goals of Worldcore is the transparency of its activities. That is why Worldcore’s team recently published a business and software valuation report by Ernst & Young, confirming that the real value of the company exceeds USD 30 million.  They take steps to exclude any sort of claims that they are illegitimate or a scam through their elaborate planning and presentation of the White Paper.

“Fraud has become a major concern for people looking to invest into ICO’s. With so many companies trying to launch ICOs, it’s easy to get caught up in scams”, said Alexey Nasonov.

“Our approach as an established business, has always been to keep our audience informed. We believe that transparency is key to success in this industry”, Alexey added in regards to the latest business evaluation report confirming the estimated value of the company evaluated by Deloitte, one of the largest consulting companies in the world. “This is a truly unique and distinctive approach in the ICO industry, confirming the professionalism, transparency, and determination of the team.”

Report of Deloitte represents Worldcore as convenient financial tool if a client has a lack of time and need the operational account as soon as possible. This account is provided within 6 hours on a weekday and within 12 hours at the weekend. Just a submission of an application including required documents will give an opportunity for customers to use current-account related activities(including payments and credit cards) without the need to own one.

Worldcore has launched BTC wallets for customers on its online platform and is planning to integrate Ethereum and ERC20 token wallets shortly. In addition, the Worldcore mobile app will be available for download in the Apple’s App Store.

“We’re moving fast to take Worldcore to the next level with full Blockchain integration, as we strive to provide new opportunities and better service to all our customers, said Mr. Nasonov. “We have published our demo prototype for Blockchain assets trading that will launch in Q2 2018.” 

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