Pet-Based Company Pawtocol Launches a Blockchain Gig Economy

Place/Date: Miami - November 18th, 2020 at 3:05 pm UTC · 2 min read
Contact: Pawtocol, Source: Pawtocol

Pet-Based Company Pawtocol Launches a Blockchain Gig Economy

In addition to taking reservations for their Know Your Pet (KYP) feature which tracks a pet and keeps their information secure by pairing their soon to be released Blockchain Dog Tag and Super App, Pawtocol has developed a groundbreaking new program for not only pet parents but for all pet lovers.

To attract a wider audience, Pawtocol has introduced its KYP Rep program, a novel approach to the gig economy that transcends pet sitting or walking, allowing pet lovers to help animals and themselves at the same time – a win-win.

CEO of Pawtocol, Karim Quazzani, says:

“With roughly one-third of the US population made up of gig economy workers and the world’s current economic climate, this was the perfect opportunity for Pawtocol to use their technology to enter the market with our strategy.”

Using their official platform currency, Universal Pet Income (UPI), which also rewards parents for sharing pet data which can be used to buy products and services on the platform or can be exchanged for other real-world currencies, KYP reps will earn UPI for each signup.

How it Works

KYP reps share their dedicated link with friends, family, and pet owners. When someone clicks the link and completes pre-registration for Know Your Pet (KYP) they become their personally referred user as long as they are not already pre-registered for KYP.

How KYP Reps Earn Money

  • 50UPI for each successful pet registered within our first 1 million tags.
  • The top 3 Know Your Pet Rep’s will be crowned the Top Dogs and get a share of the unused tokens allocated to the launch promotion which can range from 3.5M to 10M UPI.

Top Dogs will also get a shout out on the Official Pawtocol Telegram.

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