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Why Does Phemex’s Learn and Earn Matters?

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by Julia Sakovich · 5 min read
Why Does Phemex’s Learn and Earn Matters?
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Phemex has recently unveiled Learn and Earn, which happens to be its latest educational program based on simplified concepts on cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Things have definitely changed quite a lot from cowry shells to paper money, and so have the rules deciding what’s money. During the early days, Bitcoin and, by extension, the cryptocurrency industry was called the ‘wild wild west’ industry, thanks to its mysterious origin. Today, it dominates the financial news worldwide.

It is clear that certain technological innovations, such as this, will undoubtedly transform how humans operate. And Bitcoin’s wild gyrations this year have made sure of one thing: the movement towards electronic money is inevitable. There will be a time when holding coins or paper currencies will feel quite primitive in the modern world.

Despite the unprecedented success of Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency industry, skeptics still anticipate a collapse at some point. The market has failed to garner the same appreciation as its underlying blockchain technology that aims to disrupt the traditional systems such as supply chain and logistics monitoring, remittance, voting, real estate, healthcare, anti-money laundering tracking system, etc. Its use cases go far beyond the digital asset industry.

But the latter’s adoption needs to be addressed. One of the many reasons that have impeded its growth is misrepresentation. Just how the internet was way ahead of its time, and not many people understood the power it represented, the cryptocurrency industry is facing a similar crisis in many ways. This space might be more than a decade old, the education surrounding the concepts is still lagging.

Why Is Cryptocurrency Education So Important?

Apart from the fact that cryptocurrency and blockchain are two of the hottest topics that currently dominate the social discourse, its education is critical, especially for the users, to achieve financial freedom and the growth of personal wealth. We are at a point where everything is accessible with just one click. But dissecting this singular worldwide source to educate yourself about a nascent yet fast-paced world of cryptocurrency can be a daunting task.

Quite simply because the cryptocurrency and the blockchain industry are complex, and so are most of the available materials online. There are hundreds of books, thousands of blog posts, even more proponents and advocates. Then there are forums, whitepapers, and videos that are available in abundance. But these can quickly become overwhelming for the newbies.

Besides, cryptocurrency investments are very different from the traditional ones due to their complex nature. Therefore, users need guidance when it comes to getting to grips with these assets and opening up to new investment opportunities while learning the potential of this new technology that aims to disrupt the centralized pillars of the legacy financial institution. The crypto industry is changing daily. The pace at which new coins, tokens, and projects emerge in the market is astonishing. So, cryptocurrency education will help users position themself better than their peers while expanding personal portfolios.

While cryptocurrency courses are also still gaining traction in academia, these might not be accessible to many. In more established degrees, the studies may not focus on the crypto and blockchain directly. Hence, we need cryptocurrency education. And what better way to learn while earning something in return? Sounds too good to be true, but Phemex makes it possible with its all-new education program. Let’s dive in.

Enter Phemex’s Learn and Earn

Phemex is a Singapore-based global cryptocurrency exchange that was launched in 2019. Over the last three years, the platform has noted substantial growth and has emerged as one of the most popular and trustworthy names in the industry. To top that, Phemex has witnessed its user-base explode to over a million traders, thanks to its remarkable approach to user-requested features and community feedback.

Phemex has recently unveiled Learn and Earn, which happens to be its latest educational program based on simplified concepts on cryptocurrency and blockchain. The in-depth course consists of intuitive lessons and interactive videos.

The Learn and Earn course is tailored specifically for beginners to learn and have fun while doing so. The program is structured into a few introductory courses, and each has its own set of sub-lessons which encompasses introductory passages, explainer videos. The first set of courses begins with the platform’s essential features, including some core concepts about how crypto-assets work, buying and trading them on an exchange.

But to make the learning process more fun, Phemex has something unique for its users. After the completion of each lesson, they get to take a short quiz to test their knowledge. If all the answers are correct, users will be rewarded in the form of trading bonuses that traders can use with perpetual contracts on the platform itself, as well as for cryptocurrencies.

What better way to spread awareness about a revolutionary technology such as this than incentivizing the learning process? In a way, Learn and Earn also enables users to give it back to the cryptocurrency community?

In the future, Phemex also intends to incorporate advanced topics via its Learn and Earn program. To receive incentives, users are required to complete KYC protocols. The education program is limited to certain regions only. However, the team behind it is working on making it more accessible on a global scale.

For the first course, there will be three lessons – each worth $2. So if you complete the first course you’ll get a total of $6. You can find more information on Phemex and their Twitter page.

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