Piper Moretti Builds a Bitcoin Real Estate Empire

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Piper Moretti Builds a Bitcoin Real Estate Empire
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The growth the crypto industry has brought an inexpensive and quick way to transact across the globe. These innovations have led Piper Moretti to envision a new way to conduct real estate transactions which can benefit both home buyers and sellers.

Moretti fell into her new business venture by chance. She had been a real estate agent in California for several years when prospective buyers contacted her looking to purchase a new home using Bitcoin. This gave her the opportunity to dive into this new business, and learn for herself how to facilitate real estate transactions using Bitcoin firsthand.

After conducting several more Bitcoin real estate transactions, Moretti’s knowledge of this process turned into her new business, The Crypto Reality Group where she has already conducted 5 Bitcoin transactions to date. Along with conducting real estate transactions, Moretti has become a consultant, helping those who are attempting to make real estate purchases for the first time using cryptocurrency.

“I’m personally hearing from buyers and sellers all over the world,” says Moretti. “There’s often a lot of talk before something actually happens but I’m more than happy to consult, especially if there are a lot of traditional real estate agents that just don’t want to go with this. I’m happy to step in and do a consultation.”

Moretti sees blockchain technology as a tool which is likely to revolutionize the real estate industry. She notes the reduction in human error in contracts and other legal documents, a reduction in escrow time down from 30-60 days to a matter of days, identity verification, and transparency, all as improvements which can be made to current industry processes.

Yet, Moretti hopes consumers will be careful when approaching the use of this technology. She knows from experience, “New problems surface with crypto transactions most agents aren’t equipped to deal with,” she notes.

Not only is Moretti working towards facilitating real estate transactions, she is involved in several other blockchain projects at the same time. CPROP is a platform which provides potential home buyers transparent, real-time data in the home buying process. This will create greater efficiency in the real estate process as well as providing consumers more trust in every step of the process.

Moretti is also working with Block66 on its new mortgage lending platform which uses the blockchain to increase transparency and facilitate capital. Block66 connects prospective homeowners with lenders quickly and efficiently while collecting and storing relevant documentation in a secure fashion.

Along with her own business and the work she is doing with blockchain startups, Moretti is an advisor at the Los Angeles Blockchain Lab and a member of the Los Angeles chapter of the International Blockchain Real Estate Association. She has spoken at various blockchain and real estate conferences and events across the country and continues to make a name for herself in this growing field.

While Piper Moretti has built a Bitcoin-friendly real estate business on her own, she also has a strong belief in teaching others about this business. Through her Crypto x Real Estate course and consulting, Moretti is teaching real estate agents and brokers about the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries.

Additionally, she provides consulting and one-on-one training for businesses looking for more direct and specific help with building their business using cryptocurrency.

If you want to play a part in the new digital economy, Moretti suggests takings slow steps to first better understand how to get involved. This includes doing your research, getting registered on trusted cryptocurrency exchanges, and understanding escrow as it relates to cryptocurrencies.

At the end of the day, always make sure to verify your leads, as the crypto space is so new it is prone to bad actors and hacking. Piper Moretti believes the wave of cryptocurrency in real estate has just begun, and for those who are diligent in learning and careful about how they conduct business, a significant amount of wealth can be made.

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