Plutos Partners with Razor Network to Obtain Onchain Price Feeds

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Plutos Partners with Razor Network to Obtain Onchain Price Feeds
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After the integration of Razor, Plutos is set to release its native token $PLUT, which can be staked and minted by users to offer infinite liquidity.

Plutos Network, a cross-chain synthetic issuance platform, has partnered with Razor Network to provide real-world data feeds. Synthetics trading platform, meet your oracle. The partnership should prove to be a match made in heaven for both networks.

Plutos is a platform that has the tools to give users full and limitless control over swaps, options, unique contracts, commodities and more on Polkadot, Binance Smart Chain, and Solana. Razor is a blockchain-agnostic oracle network that can provide real-time data APIs onto Plutos Network to ensure quick and accurate price tracking across all synthetics and chains.

Razor-Sharp Support

Part of the technical integration of the partnership includes Razor guiding Plutos through the technical integration into the brand-new Solana ecosystem. Both Razor and Plutos Network will work in tandem to scale while maintaining composability of data feeding in synthetic asset issuance and trading.

The partnership represents more than just a business deal, but a marriage of hard-working teams who are committed to putting out a flawless synthetics and derivatives trading platform.

When trading synthetic assets, speed is the name of the game, any lag in prices or transaction slippage will be a strike against the platform.

Plutos Rolls Out Ambitious Roadmap

Boasting easy to use, cross-chain compatibility and infinite liquidity characteristics to its trading mechanisms, Plutos will gain an edge in the defi marketplace by partnering with a unique oracle-based solution that provides a better API data feed than competitors.

After the integration of Razor, Plutos is set to release its native token, $PLUT, which can be staked and minted by users to offer infinite liquidity. The development of staking, marketplace and cross-chain modules has kicked off with plans to let users stake late in Q2. Plutos boasts the ability to stake leveraged assets, made possible by the creation of its infinite liquidity framework. The Alpha Launch of Plutos Staking and Plutos Pool is to follow the marketplace development.

Post-alpha launch, assuming there are no bugs to fix and everything goes smoothly, the IDO, TGE and listings will commence for PLUT. Once users are able to stake and earn rewards, the migration to the Polkadot parachain will take place, allowing for full integration with Binance Smart Chain and becoming the first synthetics platform to integrate on Solana.

After integration, users will have a custom dashboard and be set to go for the Alpha Launch of Plutos Market. The Alpha Launch and Mainnet Launch are scheduled for Q3.

Bullish CEO Sentiment

The potential of this partnership has been lauded by both sides, notably by Juan Capilla, CEO of Plutos Network, who said: “The collaboration between Razor and Plutos could usher in a technical breakthrough to current limitations existing in Open Finance. A strong trading system such as Plutos will need solid and real-time data feeding, which Razor is the perfect solution in the market. ”

Capilla gives insight into his strategic vision: in order to compete with other platforms in Open Finance, a nimble infrastructure will put Plutos at the forefront of decentralized synthetic and derivatives markets.

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