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Polkadot Hacker House Set to Offer Developers Ultimate Coworking Experience at ETHDenver

February 7th, 2024 at 12:00 pm UTC · 2 min read

Polkadot Hacker House Set to Offer Developers Ultimate Coworking Experience at ETHDenver

Denver, Colorado /WebZero/ – Two years after Polkadot’s first-ever Hacker House in New York City, hackers can once again test their technological mettle during ETHDenver. The seven-day co-working experience, which will run from February 26 until March 3, is set to feature a number of unique attractions including a hackathon, technical workshops, a hardware soldering station with in-person support, and even a private chef.

Geared towards crypto-native developers, coders, engineers, computer scientists and builders, particularly those with Rust experience or an interest in Rust-based blockchains, the 2024 Hacker House will also attract the interest of venture capitalists and incubators seeking talented recruits and teams.

Although no accommodation will be offered, demand for coworking spots at the Hacker House is likely to mean limited spaces. Interested parties should therefore submit their applications as soon as possible to guarantee a berth.

Both veteran Polkadot builders and community members will rub shoulders with newcomers just starting to familiarize themselves with the eponymous ecosystem. Instead of events happening in a linear fashion, workshops, team events and hackathon activities will happen concurrently, creating an exciting hive-like atmosphere for those in attendance.

As well as the hackathon, which will offer a bumper prize pool of $10,000 USD worth of bounties, there will be up to two daily networking events featuring different teams complete with entertainment. These will enable attendees to enhance their developer skills by conversing with some of the cleverest developers in the ecosystem.

ETHDenver, the largest annual event on the Ethereum calendar, saw its attendance figure jump by over 50% last year as 15,000 paying customers descended on Colorado to eagerly discuss the future of Web3. Organizers will be hoping for an even bigger turnout when this year’s event gets underway on February 23.

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