Polkadot Network Announces New Software Development Kit (SDK) to Enable Seamless Deployment of Web3 Applications

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Polkadot Network Announces New Software Development Kit (SDK) to Enable Seamless Deployment of Web3 Applications
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The built-in SDK for Web3 development follows the recent verification of the Polkadot Play by Unit, which enables creators to build and grow real-time gaming Dapps.

The mainstream adoption of the digital assets and web3 products will be expedited by the GamiFi ecosystem among other use cases. Different blockchain networks have heavily invested in the Web3 gaming industry to enable the mass onboarding of retail investors into the digital economy.

Furthermore, Web3 gaming platforms help educate users on the basic principles of blockchain tokenomics. Additionally, GamiFi users get to learn how to navigate different decentralized applications from various chains securely.

Polkadot Network and Web3 Gaming

Polkadot (DOT) network, a top-tier layer 0 blockchains that helps connect different chains securely, has announced the launch of a new Software Development Kit (SDK) to be used by Web3 developers to create scalable and multichain decentralized applications (Dapps). According to the announcement, the built-in SDK will enable Web3 developers to create frictionless Polkadot-based Dapps.

The launch of the new built-in SDK follows the recent verification of the Polkadot Play by Unity, a world-class platform offering tools to creators to build multi-chain and real-time Web3 games and applications. As a result, the new Verified Polkadot SDK for Unity simplifies the web3 development process, thus allowing developers to build engaging Dapps on the Polkadot application.

“Polkadot Play represents a monumental step forward in decentralizing blockchain-powered gaming. By creating a hub focused on gaming, we showcase the potential in Polkadot, and provide a single point of entry for game developers to start building,” Nicholas Douzinas, Co-founder of Polkadot-based gaming platform Ajuna, noted.

Worth noting that the Polkadot Play is run via a decentralized and open governance to enable the democratization of web3 development tools. Furthermore, the Polkadot network embraced enhanced decentralization through its OpenGov system.

The Polkadot Play also provides additional technical support to Web3 developers, which includes connecting creators with potential partners for further business opportunities. To kickstart the project, Polkadot Play has partnered with Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA) to launch a Game Jam hackathon later this year, whereby all developers are invited to unlock the potential for the Polkadot SDK for Unity.

Market Check

The launch of the new Polkadot SDK will play a crucial role in the mainstream adoption of the native token DOT. Notably, the DOT token is used for staking operations, facilitating network governance, and as a bonding token for new parachains.

The mid-cap altcoin with a fully diluted valuation of about $15 billion and a daily average trading volume of around $620 million, has attracted notable attention from both retail traders and institutional investors. According to on-chain data provided by Polkadot’s subscan, the DOT token has about 1.3 million holders with around 3.2 million accounts.

Amid the ongoing crypto bullish outlook, DOT price has gained 30 percent in the past two weeks to trade around $11.14 on Thursday, during the early London session.

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