Pont des Arts 1888 Armagnac “Long Life” NFT Sold for a Record 10 ETH on Brytehall

September 13th, 2022 at 3:28 pm UTC · 3 min read

Pont des Arts 1888 Armagnac “Long Life” NFT Sold for a Record 10 ETH on Brytehall
Photo: MetaVineyard Club

A Pont des Arts 1888 Armagnac “Long Life” NFT was recently sold for 10 ETH on Brytehall, a platform that prides itself as a premium NFT marketplace for digital collections, setting a record for wine and spirits NFTs on the platform’s Web3 auction.

The Pont des Arts 1888 Armagnac “Long Life” NFT was commissioned by NFKings’ MetaVineyard Club in collaboration with Pont des Arts. The happy owner of the NFT will receive a physical Pont des Arts 1888 Armagnac “Long Life” carafe – one of the world’s oldest spirits, produced by Pont des Arts and the House of Samalens. This is one of 88 bottles in the world housed in a Lalique crystal carafe adorned with Chinese calligraphy by the late master Zao Wou-Ki. Furthermore, the 1888 Armagnac NFT will be displayed in the Brytehall gallery, where the owner and their friends can view and organize events around it.

Emanuele Ascoli, Region Director Asia, and CEO of China, said:

“We’re delighted with the result of the auction on Brytehall and to officially enter the world of NFTs with our most limited product. It’s great to see the buyers attaching value to both the online and offline proposition of this NFT and this was reflected in the higher sales price. We now look forward to our Metavineyard Club which releases later in the month.”

Pont des Arts 1888 Armagnac “Long Life” NFT Sold for a Record 10 ETH on Brytehall

The MetaVineyard Club connects wine and spirits producers and consumers through a variety of digital wine collecting initiatives. A further physical 1888 Armagnac “Long Life” bottle from the Pont des Arts collection forms part of the MetaVineyard Club in the form of an SSR NFT reward valued at over $20 000 USD.

The MetaVineyard Club Pass grants users early exclusive access to the MetaVineyard Club with added benefits of receiving multiple NFT drops from the Pont des Arts Collections. Each MetaVineyard Club Pass NFT holds the right to receive MetaVineyard Club Pont des Art collection NFTs depending on the rarity level of the pass. The curated wine NFTs allow holders to own premium wine and spirits from Pont des Arts and more.

There are four tiers of passes that can redeem different numbers of NFT:

  • Platinum Pass: 1 free airdrop NFT from each of the three collections
  • Gold Pass: 1 free airdrop NFT from the first two collections
  • Silver Pass: 1 free airdrop NFT from the first collection
  • Bronze Pass: 1 free airdrop NFT from the first collection

Only 320 passes will be available on OpenSea at 0.05 ETH from mid-September. This is your chance to become a wine connoisseur and Age-to-Earn in Web 3.0.

About Pont des Arts

Pont des Arts is an exclusive, limited collection of fine wines and spirits. It is the first international high-end brand of French wines and spirits, building a bridge between Art and Wine.

About NFKings

NFKings is a leading entertainment-focused Web3.0 and Metaverse developer and operator, with a successful track record of creating, launching, and operating Web3.0 projects with Vogue, Marilyn Monroe, Toni Kroos, Jimmy Choo, and many more. NFKings is backed by world-class investors and leaders in Web3.0 like Binance, Vertex Ventures, and more.

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