Priority Token June Asian Tour

Place/Date: - April 22nd, 2019 at 3:26 pm UTC · 2 min read
Contact: EKATERINA VOLKOVA, International Events Manager, Source: Priority Token

Priority Token June Asian Tour

Priority Token has announced that they are now accepting applications for their upcoming June Asian Tour, an international event that connects blockchain startups with cryptocurrency influencers and investors who play a critical role in helping projects get off the ground.

As an international ICO/STO/IEO consulting, promotion, and fundraising agency, Priority Token has been there throughout the wild evolution of the blockchain crowdfunding market. With regulatory crackdowns on ICOs around the world as well as retail investors growing weary of these extremely risky investments during the bear market, it’s become more and more important to network with private and institutional investors. That’s what these Priority Token Asian Tours are meant to do, with featured cities on past tours including blockchain hotspots such as Hong Kong, Shanghai, Kuala Lampur, Gangzhuo, and many others.

This summer’s tour will feature 4 action-packed days in the blockchain capitals of Asia, providing a premier opportunity for prospective ICOs, IEOs, and STOs to get their projects on the radar of some of the top-tier investors in the region. The three host countries for the tour are China, South Korea, and Singapore, all of which have large communities and lucrative markets for cryptocurrency investments.

Spaces are limited for each tour due to the nature of the events, which are better described as “meetups” rather than blockchain conferences. The smaller scale of these meetups is designed to provide ample opportunities for project teams and prospective investors to have real conversations.

Based on past Asian Tours setup by Priority Token, participants in the 2019 June Asian Tour can expect:

  • 4 meetups with 80+ handpicked investors and local crypto influencers
  • Fully-equipped conference halls that are filled to the brim with all the necessary facilities
  • Professional live translations for the pitch sessions and for the following networking sessions
  • Individually assigned interpreters for private negotiations with investors
  • Livestream reporting and post-event media coverage in each city provided by the leading crypto media outlets
  • An opportunity to bring promo materials, such as posters, display racks, roll-ups, press-walls, etc.
  • The full guidance and support of the Priority Token Team

If you’re part of a blockchain startup that is ready to move into the crowdfunding phase and to get some important international exposure, you can contact Priority Token via email or more information.