Privatix Is to Provide Broadband VPN Exchange Using Blockchain Tech

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Privatix Is to Provide Broadband VPN Exchange Using Blockchain Tech
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Privatix aims to change the Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) market, by providing decentralised VPN services.

According to the latest reports, the virtual private network (VPN) market is expected to reach a value of $106 billion by 2022. In circumstances when ransomware attacks ravage corporate and personal computer networks, demanding bitcoin payments to unlock, major increase in VPN access over the coming 4 years is expected to come from  countries with strict internet censorship, or people/companies, who are trying to find safer ways to navigate. Privatix seeks to transform the market by providing decentralized Blockchain-based VPN services.

One of their products, Privatix.Agent, is under development with the release set somewhere between Q4 2017 to Q2 2018.  VPN users are believed to take the advantage of increasing efficiency in data transfer and cutting costs, which is indeed extremely important for corporate entities.

Poor tech infrastructure in certain countries make it hard and expensive for users to see content which is hosted internationally. Privatix.Agent provides a solution – peer-to-peer exchanges of bandwidth based on the secure blockchain network: the internet marketplace where one can exchange idle bandwidth or increase the allocation of broadband capacity to watch international content without service interruption or low quality of delivery.

The VPN network built by Privatix already benefits 800,000 clients, with 50,000 unique connections per day, and the network currently transfers over 10 Petabytes of traffic per month through more than 150 servers, which is proof of the ability to monetize current services and the knowledge of how to build, manage and develop products in areas of advanced security. Privatix.Agent is open source, which benefits users looking for more transparency over classic VPN service providers, and allows developers to build their APIs assured by strong SDKs.

Privatix.Agent goes further by decentralizing the network. Users now can safely browse the Internet, online companies, in their turn, can increase their presence in the global market. Instead of selling low-quality connection at cheaper prices, the new solution uses another business strategy – it delivers high-quality data streams by buying allocation of internet bandwidth from regular internet users. The network is believed to increase interest of end-users, who are guaranteed higher-quality content simultaneously compelling potential customers to adopt the network.

Apart from  Privatix.Agent, the team behind the startup also developed the identity-checking website and a number of other privacy-related services.

Privatix Token Sale

The Token Sale, which is to be live till November 16, 14:00 UTC, has reached its soft cap in its preliminary rounds. The ERC20 Ethereum-based auction accounts for a total supply of 10 million PRIX. The token exchange is subject to commission fee up to 1% of transaction price in PRIX.

The pre-sale managed to reach up to 1,068 Ethereum by early bidders, 8 million PRIX were open to selling with bonus of up to 20% until yesterday.

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