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Proemtheus is Building the First Decentralized Email System to Offer Total User Privacy, Announces Presale

August 22nd, 2017 at 11:18 am UTC · 4 min read

Blockchain start-up Proemtheus is creating the first fully decentralized email system to offer users total control and privacy. The email account will be detached from any network, distributed to the user and all communications will be person to person, using the company’s innovative features. The platform has services catering to individual users as well as developers and service providers, thereby taking all players in the ecosystem into account. As Proemtheus works on creating a secure, private communications platform, it has announced the launch of the crowdsale involving its native PMTP tokens, starting August 25, 2017.

The Proemtheus Project’s new email system is aptly codenamed “New Email”, allowing users to achieve online independence. In addition, the project is also involved in building innovative services for personal cloud, security and a platform for developers and service providers who can earn digital tokens for their services.

Until now the users had to trust their email account and communicate mostly using free service providers, which operate using centralized infrastructure and resort to user mining. The number of email users worldwide is estimated at 2.7 billion in 2017, with consumers having an average of 1.8 accounts per user. The vast majority of consumer accounts are registered with free email providers that, since offering the accounts for free, monetize the users by utilizing their data. For companies, a user’s data is worth more than a subscription, and is valid also for email attached services that cleans inbox or perform automated unsubscribing.

The founder of Proemtheus Project, Andrei Dora describes the service offered by the platform saying,

“The big question is: would the user trade his online intimacy for the cost of a subscription? This is what free email is proposing. Proemtheus will be the email of choice since it brings user independence: restore user control and direct user-to-user exchange. But evenly important will be the platform for developers and service providers, since these members of the community will further develop services. Thinking of the crypto currency community I am astonished that until now they mixed the spirit of Bitcoin with the unreformed email of today.”

Proemtheus’s new decentralized email project restores control to the user by removing them from the centralized network. The peer-to-peer nature of communication ensures that the users’ account is always under their sole control. Once the platform is fully operational, the service will offer features such as a fully threaded mailbox, fast answer, group decision, click-to-go automation, templates and many more that are yet to be announced.

With regard to security, the service will be immune to ransomware, offer encrypted and fragmented data storage, and will allow the user to indicate the apps that can access his data. The personal cloud service will be the user’s personal HDD, coming online whenever required, even when the computer is turned off. Users can also provide email, storage, and VPN services for others – thus being service providers. The platform will be open to all developers, and they will be able to provide pay-per-use software access.

The service providers and user-shared storage services, powered by PMTP tokens play a major role in the overall growth of the community. The token public pre-sale opens on August 26, 2017, at 07:00 UTC. Funds raised will be used to support the development and the launch of the project.

ICO Presale Bonus

Proemtheus enables investors to acquire PMTP tokens outside the official ICO and will grant a bonus for such purchases. Investors buying at least 100 PMTP will receive a unique referral link and 18% bonus for all contributions the company can match the link with. After contributing, users pass the unique link to their friends and receive the PMTP bonus if they contribute with the referee’s link.

The amount of PMTP tokens purchased during the Presale will affect the investor’s priority level for the main ICO. Investors buying at least 5,000 PMTP will be given Priority Level 2 during the ICO. PL2 investors retain the 10% bonus (10-20% interval) for the next 20-30% interval of sold tokens. Investors purchasing upwards of 10,000 PMTP will have Priority Level 1 during the ICO, and they will retain the 15% bonus (0-10% interval) for the next 10-20% interval of sold tokens.

For more detailed information on the ICO bonus structure, Investors can refer to the Proemtheus whitepaper.

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