PSV Eindhoven Makes History With Sponsorship Payout in Bitcoin

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by Oluwapelumi Adejumo · 3 min read
PSV Eindhoven Makes History With Sponsorship Payout in Bitcoin

PSV has signed a unique partnership with Anycoin Direct, a cryptocurrency platform from the Netherlands.

The football world seems to be getting more synchronized with the Crypto sphere as PSV Eindhoven, a Dutch league football club, made history as it announced that it would be accepting all of its sponsorship payments in Bitcoin. This makes the club the first one in Europe to have all of its payment made in the flagship digital asset. The new feat was made possible through its partnership with Vogel Company Anycoin Direct.

According to the club’s official statement, the decision was made out of the increasing popularity of the crypto industry and the increasing profitability of the space. Part of the statement reads, “with sights set on the future, PSV decided to use the service of Anycoin Direct uniquely. The entire sponsorship amount will be paid in bitcoin.”

PSV’s Commercial Director Frans Janssen couldn’t hide his enthusiasm when discussing the initiative. In his words, “the possibilities and the future that the world of cryptocurrency offers is very promising. As a club in the heart of the Brainport region, we are always innovating; cryptocurrency fits well into this picture.”

Anycoin Direct, a crypto broker in the European space, would be partnering with the Dutch football club for the next two years. According to both partners, the central objective of the partnership would be to grow the awareness about crypto and also the crypto firm in Europe. Not only that, PSV disclosed that it has set sights on using the unique collaboration positively.

The COO of Anycoin Direct, Lennert Vlemmings, hailed PSV’s decision to accept payment in the digital asset. To him, he believes that the payment method shows that it is high time crypto adoption rises in the European Union:

“As a technology company from the Brainport area, we are very excited to be working with PSV. The payment in Bitcoin marks the next step for the adoption of cryptocurrency in the EU.”

Reports from the Netherlands say the partnership could be worth around $480,000 per year. PSV, however, did not disclose any information on how it would be handling its newly accrued BTC holding.

You will recall that this is not the first time that football clubs have interacted with the crypto space. Just recently, we reported that Southampton FC, an English Premier league club would see some “performance-based bonuses in Bitcoin at the end of each season, allowing the club the opportunity to take advantage of the new, high-growth currency if it feels it will bring significant future benefits.”

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