Barter Trade (BART) Token Pre-Sale 100% Sold Out

Place/Date: - July 28th, 2020 at 6:10 am UTC · 5 min read
Contact: Barter Trade, Source: Barter Trade

Barter Trade (BART) Token Pre-Sale 100% Sold Out
Photo: Barter Trade / Twitter

Barter Trade, the trading platform which provides the cryptocurrencies and other blockchain assets to all the users across the world, has successfully completed its pre-sale today.

The Barter Trade has initially offered 48,000,000 BART in the Pre-sale successfully raising $750,000.

The average BART buy per address is 71,535.02 as only around 671 addresses were able to take part in the pre-sale.

Anurag Yadav, Barter Trade CEO, said:

“We are truly humbled by the overwhelming support of our community. This has placed a huge responsibility on our shoulders. We will now work with even more rigour and passion to deliver on all the promises towards timely achieving our milestones”.

Barter Trade (BART) Token Sales Roadmap

The BART Funding process is divided into two parts:

  • Pre-Sale
  • Public Sale

The recently concluded Pre-sale consisted of the distribution of 48,000,000 BART Tokens.

After successfully selling out the pre-sale, the team is currently finalizing its public sales plan on a DEX platform (one of the current potential platforms being Uniswap).  Public sale is expected to take place in mid Q3.  Please check out their Announcement Channel for details regarding the upcoming public sale.

The public sale will offer approximately 19,200,000 BART tokens.

The team also revealed that the Staking of BART Tokens is confirmed and will be coming soon. Exact details to be revealed during the upcoming AMA. Please watch out for their Announcement Page for details on the AMA.

The Barter team decided to rename their token ticker from BRT to BART. The Team explains the reason behind it as follows: there are a couple of tokens named BRT on CMC and a few more BRT tokens popped up on Uniswap during their sale. They don’t want their holders to get scammed and baited into fake tokens.

BRT -> BART: Barter Trade token symbol will be BART from now and during the swap, you will receive BART in return.

⚡BRTX -> BART SWAP:  BRTX to BART swap will happen an hour after the public sale ends. This will help the community and avoid pooling and hijacking of the public sale by any early-stage investor.

About Barter Trade

Barter Trade is not just another crypto exchange. It is much more. It is a complete ecosystem for traders. Barter Trade is an Easy, Smart, Social, and Gamified way to trade cryptocurrencies. BarterTrade’s aim is to become a people’s exchange. For more information visit their website, Twitter and Telegram.

Barter Trade Info

Barter Trade, an Easy, Smart, Social, and Gamified way to trade and spend Crypto. But why?

Easy: Simple, aesthetic UI. First of its kind order types that make trading hassle-free (Barter trade Pie). Trading’s never been this easy.

Smart: Automated trading via Barter trade’s algo feature. Set up your own technical indicators script on an easy to use interface or choose from their wide range of Advanced AI bots.

Social: Trade, Learn, and Earn alongside your fellow traders. Copy other successful traders or monetize your own trading strategies if you are a good trader yourself. No need to follow a paid group leader anymore. Follow people that really trade.

Gamified: Participate in tournaments organised at Barter Trade’s Battlegrounds and get a chance to win big prizes. You would trade anyway, why not trade while playing in a tournament?

Key Differentiating Features of Barter Trade:

Algo Trading – Algorithmic trading generally makes use of mathematical models and formulas to decide when and how to trade assets for a user on an exchange.

Social Trading – Social trading is an unique way to Trade, Learn, and Earn alongside your fellow traders. Copy other successful traders or monetize your own trading strategies if you are a good trader yourself.

Gamification – A unique platform called battlegrounds will be launched where users will be able to enjoy an element of fun, entertainment and competitiveness while trading and be eligible to win amazing prizes.

Barter Trade Pie – Various unavoidable situations can be solved with the help of Barter Trade’s pie which is an advanced market order for cryptocurrency traders.

Barter Marketplace – A secure, transparent, and completely decentralized way to buy or sell goods and services and also allow users to direct exchange of Cryptocurrencies between two individuals without any central authority.

Barter Trade Eazypay – It is a platform that provides users to trade directly with each other without the involvement of third parties.

Barter Trade DEX – It will be the place where the exchange market will not rely on the third party to hold the customer’s fund. Therefore, the trade will occur directly between users through an automated process.

The Barter team is building a lot of things for the ease of users. They have a roadmap already present which will drive their work forward. Roadmap, as mentioned, on the website is

The roadmap suggests the team is bringing a lot of things to their platform. It will be exciting to watch how things unfold.

Some brief information about  the BART Utility Token and exclusive value-additions it offers to Barter trade’s loyal users:

Trading Fees: Up to 100% off or Zero trading fee for BART holders.

Social trading: BART will be utilized to pay the fee/commission of the master traders.

Algo trading: BART will be used to pay subscription fees for all kinds of Bots on the Algo platform.

Battlegrounds: Exclusive, high rewarding tournaments for BRT holders. Prioritizing Battleground events rewards in BART wherever possible.