Pulse Network Integrating Knowledge and Expertise to Deliver Enhanced Medical Care to Everyone

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Pulse Network Integrating Knowledge and Expertise to Deliver Enhanced Medical Care to Everyone
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Pulse Network is ushering in a new future in the health industry by deploying some of the latest technologies to deliver advanced medical care to everyone.

Pulse Network is a leading provider of AI-enhanced medical care that integrates both knowledge and expertise on a single platform to deliver the best health services to everyone in the world. The project is working collaboratively with doctors, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, specialists, and other healthcare providers to build the largest medical care data bank. The Pulse Network manages this data using a combination of blockchain and AI technologies to link the latest diagnostic and pharmaceutical information with leading expertise to deliver a global medical information platform.

By building the medical information platform, Pulse Network aims to improve the quality of healthcare by equipping practitioners with a wealth of information drawn from across the world. The platform seeks to bridge the gap between knowledge and expertise through an easily accessible data bank that facilitates the provision of advanced medical care from anywhere in the world.

Value Proposition

Pulse Network is working to overcome one of the greatest hurdles in the medical care practice today. There is a huge disconnect between the innovations and practice in the medical field. Researchers are continually developing new medicines and therapies to advance medical care provision through both incremental and breakthrough technological inventions. However, these advancements are usually not readily accessible to medical practitioners the world over. Oftentimes, the doctors dealing with some of the most dangerous diseases in the developing countries are the last to gain access to such innovations.

Moreover, medical practitioners have to dig through tons of research and huge volumes of medical information to access useful knowledge that can aid their service provision. This comes at an additional cost, on top of the huge expenses of acquiring such resources. In some instances, finding the necessary breakthroughs may come a little bit too late.

This is the problem that Pulse Network seeks to address. The platform aims to make pathological and pharmaceutical knowledge readily accessible to everyone across the globe by creating a shared medical information platform.

The platform will not only eliminate the hurdles to information access but will also provide an intelligent system that helps medical practitioners to quickly find relevant, recent and most advanced knowledge on the care and prescriptions for specific conditions. This will greatly improve the service provision and bridge the expertise gap in the field.

Doctors can infer from tested and proven remedies to administer medical care to patients. This will be particularly useful for unique conditions where they have inadequate diagnostic expertise especially for patients with unique conditions.

The Pulse Network will have two applications for their two sets of users; individuals and medical practitioners.

Pulse Pocket (Personal)

This is built for individuals. The revolutionary healthcare app Pulse Pocket will be developed to support the users’ health in many aspects. Pulse Pocket will seamlessly link individual health information and clinical records and offer the health guidance that best matches their health conditions, while serving for the accumulation and integration of medical expertise and knowledge and medical records.

Pulse Records (EMR)

This is an electronic medical record system that comes with next-generation operability. Pulse Network plans to embed the diagnosis assisting information in the system. With Pulse Records efficient operability, it will take only thirty seconds to make an entry of a patient’s record.

Pulse Records is a patented technology that will significantly shorten the time needed to make an entry of a medical record, which will, in turn, allow doctors to spend more time facing their patients.

Blockchain and AI Integration

Medical information is quite sensitive, requiring it to be handled with great confidentiality to protect the patients’ privacy. As such, security is of paramount importance. Also, existing medical research, diagnosis, and remedies among other health information is quite bulky. Such huge volumes require huge computing resources to store, analyze and share.

Luckily, modern technological advancements have two solutions for these problems; AI (Artificial Intelligence) and blockchain. Pulse Network combines of these two technologies in its robust medical information platform for the following reasons:

  • Authenticity: Medical information contains highly classified information. The information on the most advanced medical care collected for the integration of expertise and knowledge as well as the medical records containing personal information such as diagnostic and health checkup records must not be ever falsified.
  • Security: The patient records and medical information stored on the blockchain should only be accessed by authorized parties and must not be deleted. Immutability and cryptographic encryption of the blockchain facilitates this.
  • Availability: The medical information system that supports the most advanced medical care must run 24/7 without any interruption. The decentralised nature of the blockchain ensures that there is no central server thus no central point of failure.
  • Scalability: The system must accommodate exponentially increasing medical information, patient records, and health check-up data while sustaining updates into the future. AI and ML processing will help update the data in real time as new advancements in the field are made.

Why Polkadot

In its rebrand from the Asclepius Network to the Pulse Network, the management team has made the decision to build the platform on the Polkadot blockchain. The team made lengthy deliberations, in-depth research and expert consultations before settling on Polkadot. They established that the scalability, interoperability, security, and availability of high-level partners on the network provided the perfect environment for creating the application.

The Pulse Network application will benefit from having its individual chain on Polkadot that guarantees high transaction processing speeds and the ability to communicate with other platforms within the network or across other blockchains.

Also, the existence of other useful platforms like Chainlink on Polkadot helped influence the decision as Pulse Network will be able to leverage their technology and deploy oracles immediately rather than build them from scratch. This will accelerate the development of the platform and improve efficiency by automating the process of adding new data.

Pulse Network is ushering in a new future in the health industry by deploying some of the latest technologies to deliver advanced medical care to everyone. This revolutionary platform, once fully deployed, will greatly improve healthcare by putting the best knowledge in the hands of the experts. 

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