Qredo Token Sale on Coinlist to Begin from July 8, Registration Deadline on 6th

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Qredo Token Sale on Coinlist to Begin from July 8, Registration Deadline on 6th
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London-based cross-chain protocol Qredo has provided two public options for its Token Sale on Coinlist. The registration ends on July 6, with the sale commencing two days later.

Coinlist on Monday announced the Qredo Token sale with a registration deadline of July 6th for all its users. The London-based cross-chain protocol, Qredo is providing two public options for acquiring its token on the Coinlist platform.

As an MPC network, Qredo has been curated and designed to meet the ever-increasing needs of institutional investors, who are on the lookout for ways to proliferate their digital asset footprint. The nine-year-old startup with its development offices in Bulgari furnishes its users with decentralized storage, built-in cross-chain swaps, and cross-platform liquidity access. Qredo’s sale commences on July 8th, 17:00 UTC, furnishing its users with the following alternatives:

  • A supply of 30M tokens valued at $0.50 per token and a minimum-maximum range of $100-$500. The cliff for the first option is 2 months with a release in 0 months.
  • A supply of 10M tokens valued at $0.225 per token and a minimum-maximum range of $100-$1000. The cliff for the first option is 6 months with a release in 12 months at weekly intervals.

On June 28th, the decentralized digital asset infrastructure and technology provider secured its private sale, raising over $16 mm USD.

With Coinbase, Ledger Prime, and Nexo as its private sale investors, Qredo has charmed strategic investors who will be building on the network by adding credibility to the firm’s decentralized ethos. Investor interest reflects continued momentum, with some of its recent financial investments facilitated by LD Capital and Signum Capital.

Coinlist Supports New Moves by Qredo

Coinlist, the trusted platform for crypto offering, has supported the restructuring of digital asset ownership and blockchain connectivity furnished by Qredo.

Coinlist has recorded some of the key factors why its users should invest in the company offering decentralized custody.

  • Fast Finality Blockchain- Constructed on Tendermint, Qredo is a fast-finality consensus engine that helps regulate billions of transactions every day. Moreover, Qredo incorporates a layer 2 statechain along with various layer 1 blockchains to facilitate the movement of asset ownership.
  • Consensus Multi-Party Computation Network:- Since Qredo is an advanced, consensus-driven MPC network, it attaches the layer 1 blockchain intending to eradicate digital asset crimes. The system encompasses programmable administration and workflow that capitalizes on essential security for crypto markets along with access to Defi smart contracts.
  • Encrypted Messaging:- Matrix, an open standard and communication protocol for real-time communication, is consolidated into the structure and functioning of Qredo. This allows encrypted individual communications to be cryptographically associated with exchanges on the Qedro Network.

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