QuickSwap Integrates Orb-Powered dTWAP for Cheaper Price Impact on DEX Orders

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QuickSwap Integrates Orb-Powered dTWAP for Cheaper Price Impact on DEX Orders
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QuickSwap has become the latest DEX to integrate dTWAP for traders to cut down on the price impact of their orders. 

Leading Polygon decentralized exchange QuickSwap recently integrated dTWAP for DEXs. Powered by Orbs, dTWAP, the fully permissionless and composable DeFi protocol, will grant QuickSwap dragons access to its algorithmic trading strategy. This means that traders can lower the price impact of their orders without incurring additional costs. Meanwhile, besides dTWAP, QuickSwap dragons will also deploy Orbs – infrastructure for Limit Swap orders.

Closer Look at QuickSwap – dTWAP Development

The QuickSwap-dTWAP development follows similar integrations by the Orbs-powered protocol with SpookySwap, Spirit, and Pangolin. Furthermore, the latest dTWAP integration underpins the technical working relationship between QuickSwaps and the separate decentralized execution layer Orbs. Both projects leveraged dTWAP’s smart contract audits and comprehensive developer documentation to integrate the protocol with QuickSwap.

According to DeFiLlama, QuickSwap’s transaction volume for the past week exceeds $209 million. Furthermore, the decentralized layer-2 digital trading platform’s transaction volume in the last 24 hours exceeds $30 million. As a DEX automated market maker, QuickSwap’s offerings comprise multi-chain swaps, limit, order, and ‘best price trades’. However, the dTWAP integration will expand current offerings and increase transaction volumes from cost-conscious traders.

As an algorithmic trading strategy, TWAP also sees a lot of use cases in centralized finance (CeFi). The tool helps the protocol cut down the impact of large orders by reducing them into smaller portions.

Setting up a dTWAP order is relatively seamless and requires the specification of three parameters. These include the number of intervals, max duration, and the trade interval.

Users are also required to switch to the dTWAP UI to make the execution of trades easier and better manageable. The trade user interface features a customizable dashboard that updates changes in order in real time.

For instance, the ‘number of intervals’ parameter lets the user choose the exact number of individual trades, after which the estimated trading interval is calculated. ‘Max duration’ is the optimum time to execute the total amount of individual trades on the full dTWAP order. Lastly, ‘trade interval’ establishes the time gap between each trade. However, users can edit this parameter to reflect the order sheet’s corresponding trade sizes and number changes.


The dTWAP protocol is the go-to tool in the decentralized finance space for algorithmic orders. Backed by the Orbs network L3 technology, the protocol is expected to experience substantial growth in usage as it adds support for additional DEXs. dTWAP is currently integrated with 4 DEXs across 3 different chains, accounting for its $200 million+ transaction volume in the past week.


The Orbs Network is executed by secure permissionless validators that use the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus. Founded in 2017, Orbs launched its mainnet and token in March 2019 and has a development team of more than 30 people. The backend staff of the open, decentralized, public blockchain infrastructure is based in offices in the Middle East (Tel Aviv), Europe (London), North America (New York), and Asia (Tokyo and Seoul).

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