RAGE.FAN Launches Exclusive Tennis NFT for Stake and Play

April 27th, 2021 at 8:54 pm UTC · 3 min read

RAGE.FAN Launches Exclusive Tennis NFT for Stake and Play

Rage.Fan introduces one-of-its-kind stake and win games with exclusive NFT collections

Rage.Fan has been taking both the crypto and the fantasy games universe by storm with a slew of innovative initiatives. A fan-first fantasy gaming platform that will put the power back into the hands of the user, a dual purpose native token $RAGE – with the powers of game play, community governance and other utilities, and Scramble – an AR-based token app. Keeping in line with their vision to bring in unique experiences for both the crypto and fantasy sports enthusiasts, they are announcing the launch of an NFT collection based fantasy games.

For the uninitiated, NFTs are the latest craze in the crypto world. It stands for non-fungible token. While that doesn’t say much it is a unique digital piece that can be verified. NFTs have made it a rage with adopters from mainly the art and the sports world. NBA Topshot is one of the first players to have transformed key moments in the game into NFTs.

Well, if you thought that was a cool way to immortalize gaming moments, Rage.Fan takes it another step forward. The idea here is to give NFTs more utility than it ever had before. Most of the NFTs are predominantly in the collectible space and Rage.Fan has decided to change that and give it more earning power.

Let us take the example of the upcoming French Open. Rage.Fan will be creating 1680 unique NFTs based on the top 32 seeds in both the men’s and the women’s draw. Fans will have to stake $RAGE tokens to get access to these NFTs. Once you have the access to NFTs, you become eligible to participate in the contests. And for every match played there will be a reward to those who hold the NFT of the winning player.

This is just the beginning. Rage.Fan plans to expand this idea across sports and championships happening in various parts of the world including Cricket, Futsal, and the football leagues.

Sateesh Ananthasubramaniam, founder of Rage.Fan, says:

“The idea stems from our passion for sports in general and we are giving it shape with our expertise in crypto. We are very sure about the future of NFTs and how it will change the overall fabric of fantasy gaming like it changed the sports collectibles.”

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