Dropshipping Moves to the Blockchain as Reddocoin Launches Its AI-powered Dropshipping Solution

Place/Date: - September 30th, 2021 at 9:00 am UTC · 3 min read
Contact: Reddocoin, Source: Reddocoin

Dropshipping Moves to the Blockchain as Reddocoin Launches Its AI-powered Dropshipping Solution

Reddocoin is proud to announce its new project to the general public. The project centers on solving the challenges that global eCommerce face currently. Specifically, Reddocoin is on a mission to create a fully automated dropshipping process that is devoid of middlemen, geographical boundaries, and complicated payment procedures.

The idea that led to the creation of Reddocoin is championed by Beka Natmeladze (Chairman of Reddocoin) and Anzor Nishnianidze (CEO of Reddocoin). This singular idea is all about creating an ecosystem that effectively serves retailers and consumers while making the process involved as seamless as possible. That is exactly what reddocoin has done.

Reddocoin has created an ecosystem through its dApp, where verified and registered sellers can conveniently sell to consumers. In addition to this, all transactions within the reddocoin application will be completed on the blockchain using the ‘Reddo’ token. This way, delay in transactions and confirmations is eliminated. Fake transfers, reversed payments and similar issues will no longer exist.

Reddocoin directly solves the major issue that many potential online retailers have, which is the upfront cost involved in setting up their online store. All verified retailers are automatically given a free and fully functional online store where they get to take orders and display stocks. Reddocoin also goes a step further. It helps retailers intentionally make profitable decisions from the onset. Through its well-developed AI system, Reddocoin helps retailers crawl the internet for the best-performing and most-profitable products in their preferred categories. With all of these in place, sellers can concentrate on marketing and sales.

For the user, Reddocoin presents the opportunity to shop safely online. Blockchain transactions also ensure that a consumer’s data is secured and transactions fully protected. No fake products or the fear of online eCommerce scams. Reddocoin ultimately builds trust between customers and retailers.

As required of all important blockchain projects, Reddocoin has passed the TechRate smart contract audit test, and the platform is duly certified. The potentials of the project are really great as it recently raised $500,000 in venture capital from Crunchbase. Additionally, there have been increasing vendor signups from all over Europe and America. One of these signups is Shofex.com – an online retail store in the USA.

Reddocoin has already commenced its ICO and the process is open to the entire public. To be a part of the offering, you can read more from the Reddocoin official website. Accepted cryptocurrencies are BNB and ETH.

About Reddocoin

Reddocoin is a new blockchain project that specializes in generating innovative approaches to dropshipping businesses globally. It is dedicated to creating a level-playing field for all online businesses to scale and make tangible profits. To customers, Reddocoin is committed to improving their online shopper’s experience by continually improving on existing functionalities.

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