Revolut and Polkadot Partner Over Crypto Education Program

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Revolut and Polkadot Partner Over Crypto Education Program
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Revolut remains convinced that the lessons will be relevant to all crypto users, regardless of their expertise level.

UK fintech company Revolut has launched its flagship crypto education program. The program comprises two courses – one on crypto basics and the other about the Polkadot network. Both courses will be delivered via text and short videos to make them engaging.

According to the official release, the Crypto basics course will introduce the basics of blockchains, cryptography, nodes, and validators. It will also differentiate between fiat and cryptocurrencies for newbies and no-coiners. The other course will focus on the Polkadot ecosystem and seek to break down its complexities.

Upon completion of each course, users will earn up to $15 when they pass an assessment quiz. To make this happen, the firm is collaborating with the Web 3 Foundation behind Polkadot.

Crypto General Manager at Revolut Emil Urmashin noted the program should address the customers’ knowledge appetite about cryptocurrencies. He said, “’Learn & Earn’ will help them better understand the trends, risks and potential opportunities associated with Crypto.”

There are further suggestions that Revolut will launch future modules about other crypto networks and follow the same incentivization model.

Crypto Education for All

Revolut remains convinced that the lessons will be relevant to all crypto users, no matter their expertise level. Addressing veteran investors, the announcement read:

“You’re never really done learning about crypto, and these courses are a great way to freshen up your know-how.”

With this product, Revolut joins the ranks of Binance Academy and Coinbase Earn, both of which have launched crypto education programs. And why not? Revolut has more than 18 million customers and lists up to 80 digital assets.

Launching a crypto education program is a way for the company to encourage responsible investment. While the courses won’t turn Revolut customers into investment gurus overnight, they should at least give them an accurate view of the networks. This knowledge can help them make better investment decisions.

As to the choice of Polkadot (DOT) as an incentive, the Polkadot ecosystem is one of a few that has seen consistent developer activity despite the market situation. According to a Messari report, it has also seen consistent network activity. These presuppose that DOT holders expect a future bull run, which is good for those who earn such a token now.

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