REVU Is Ready for First Major Listing on KuCoin & Exchanges

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by Andy Watson · 3 min read
REVU Is Ready for First Major Listing on KuCoin & Exchanges
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The REVU token will begin trading on both platforms simultaneously on January 7.

Crypto traders looking to back a new coin with real utility are eagerly anticipating this week’s listing of REVU on KuCoin and

Investors have high hopes for REVU because there are plenty of reasons to think it can be a success. Not only is it the first native Cardano token to make its simultaneous debut on two prominent tier 1 exchanges, it also boasts real utility, serving as the foundation of Revuto’s useful subscription management app that’s fast picking up new users.

Revuto is an app that’s hoping to leverage blockchain to fix the headaches that occur when people have to manage multiple subscriptions to services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. Rather than manage all of those payments separately, users can put everything into a single interface that allows them to authorize payments or unsubscribe with a single click.

It’s a valid use case because unsubscribing from some services can be difficult. Service providers are notorious for making the process as complicated as possible because they don’t want to lose their customers. The result is that people sometimes get lazy, put off unsubscribing, only to end up paying for an additional month or year even if they have no intention of using a service.

Revuto helps people avoid that trap by insisting on each payment being authorized. When a payment is due, the user receives a notification and can choose to pay, block the payment forever, or simply snooze and pay at a later time. It’s far simpler than wading into a bank’s website or PayPal to try and work out how to cancel a subscription, hence Revuto says the app is getting a lot of traction with “record growth” since it became generally available four months ago.

Besides making life easier, Revuto provides value in other ways through its decentralized finance features that enable staking, micro-lending, borrowing and more. Users also receive discounts on their subscription payments when using REVU to pay them.

“We’re proud to be at the forefront of crypto innovation – and being the first to list REVU is doing just that. The team, project and fundamentals are stellar and we’re happy to join them on this journey”, wrote KuCoin in a statement.

All this adds up to a token with lots of utility, making it an attractive proposition for investors on KuCoin and The REVU token will begin trading on both platforms simultaneously on January 7.

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