Rhino Labs Announces 5GH/S ASIC Mining Rig Called the RL-M5

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Rhino Labs Announces 5GH/S ASIC Mining Rig Called the RL-M5
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Industrial-scale manufacturer Rhinoceros Laboratories has announced the launch of their new custom-built ASIC Mining Rig called the RL-M5.

HONG KONG, CHINA — SEPTEMBER 26, 2014 — Rhino Labs, a registered Hong Kong Technology company, has announced the launch of their new custom-built ASIC Mining Rig called the RL-M5.

Design for this custom built mining machine was started in September 2013 after a client of the company commissioned a very powerful mining rig with very specific requirements. From this project, the RL-M5 was born.

“Rhinoceros Laboratories is proud to present RL-M5, 5 Gigahash ASIC miner with outstanding power efficiency,” Rhinoceros Labs CEO Hua Rongji said.

“I strongly believe our rig will fit the needs of professional mining businesses, as well as private miners. It’s a compact, yet powerful, mining rig designed from the scratch with impressive characteristics that can fulfill the increasing demand of hashpower for Scrypt-based currencies,” Mr Rongji added.

The RL-M5 has the following specifications:

  • 5 GH/S mining of any Scrypt algorithm (5.000.000 kh/s) ±8% speed variance
  • 9 kW/H of power from the wall
  • Form Factor: Stand Alone Unit
  • Dimensions: 1700mmx550mmx550m
  • Weight: 65 Kg (143 lbs)
  • Operational Requirements: +20°C…+35°C
  • Humidity: 20%-80%
  • Works on custom build chips on 28nm technology
  • On board RAM: 8GB
  • Web-Interface is available for setup and monitoring of mining process
  • 2 RJ45 connections for main and backup unit connectivity
  • Wifi module upon request.

‘With RL-M5 we went through whole nine yards between mission-impossible to a final product within just one year. It took us eight months to develop a chip, which is fully Scrypt-algorithm compliant, works seamlessly with RAM, as well as other components,” Kelley Ethan, Head of Engineering, said. “ASICs manufacturing is a new field for our company, which is why careful brainstorming of all aspects took place.

Rhino Labs also offers hosting of the mining rigs in their data-centers, and cloud mining contracts on the powerful Scrypt Mining Rigs.

The components of the RL-M5 are all very modernized to offer an incredibly high hash-rate on Scrypt based coins. Customers who order with Bitcoin or Litecoin will receive a 10% discount on their order compared to the full price with a bank transfer.

Rhino Lab’s new Scrypt Mining Rig offers an excellent hash rate for an excellent price. All chips in the ML-R5 are developed exclusively by Rhino Labs.

The price of the RL-M5 hardware is $55,000 (or $11 per MH/S), but the hosted mining comes along with contracts for those interested in owning the equipment but leaving the hardware in the hands of Rhinoceros Laboratories.

About Rhino Labs

Rhino Labs is a registered Technology company Located in Hong Kong. In addition to the RL-M5 Mining Rig, Rhino Labs also offers a variety of high-tech products including subsystems, modules, and robots.

For more information on Rhino Labs or the RL-M5 Scrypt Mining Rig, please visit www.rhinoceroslabs.com or call Rhino Labs at +852 8191 5145, Ext 2805 or email [email protected]

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