Has Been Sold For Record $1.1 Million

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by Konstantin Lazarev · 2 min read Has Been Sold For Record $1.1 Million

The bitcoin mining equipment specialist GAWMiners has bought the domain name for a record price of $1.1 million.

The domain has stayed on the market for less than a month before the deal was secured by the GAWMiners CEO Josh Garza.

GAWMiners is a big mining hardware company based in Connecticut has a wide range of SHA-256 and scrypt ASICs, it also sells Hardware from Bitmain, Gridseed, Innosilicon, Rock Miner, SilveFish and its own brand machinery.

Though it is still not clear what exactly Josh Garzo is planning to do with the newly acquired domain.

The sale of is just one more sale among other recent domain name acquisitions. However, not to forget that this news shows a range of opportunities for both brokers and investors that exist in the domain name industry with the entry of bitcoin.

In February this year, an investor Niko Younts announced that he had sold for $250,000 to an entrepreneur Alex Charfen from Austin. Interesting that Younts had initially bought the domain name for only $11,000. Moreover, he also mentioned his another domain name,, additing that it was placed on the market for a similar price, $200,000.
Nevertheless, not all the domain names has been offered a high price.

Last month, former CEO of bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox, Mark Karpeles announced the auction of domain name The auction was made in regards to those that lost money in the now bankrupted bitcoin exchange. However, a Seattle court asked to block the sale and as a result the auction was canceled.

Bitcoin-related domains offer buyers the investment opportunity and also the chance to catch consumer interest with easy-to-use URLs.

In April, signed a 5-year deal to operate, which had previously been used by Coinbase to attract bitcoin enthusiasts.

Blockchain mentioned it would use the domain name to attract consumers unfamiliar with bitcoin,  in June this year it officially relaunched . The company now uses the site as a learning platform for people who wan to learn about bitcoin and digital currency.

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